Immediate Hospital Insurance Online

    March 31, 2017

    In today’s fast pace of everything being available to us human beings in an instant. We sometimes get annoyed by the fact that for some things we do have to wait. We are so used to pressing a button for an instant this and instant that. But in the insurance world, things are not quite so instant. Here we will have a look at immediate hospital insurance online.

    If you want to join a medical aid or a hospital plan, the truth of the matter is that you will not get immediate cover. You can fill in the forms immediate hospital insurance online. But there is going to be a waiting period before you can claim. You no doubt will come across some medical aid websites who make false promises. But you also have to realise that there are plenty Immediate Hospital Insurance Onlineof unethical brokers out there too. They offer the world so to speak, but that is just to hook you in. When it comes to medical aid or cash back plans, you will encounter certain waiting periods. They are to protect members of the scheme in the insurance industry.

    What is meant by the waiting period – Immediate Hospital insurance Online

    In medical aid terms, a waiting period is a time that does not have coverage by the insurance company or medical aid company, even though you have started paying the monthly premiums. Sometimes, but only in certain or rare circumstances will they waive these particular waiting periods. It makes no difference which medical aid or insurance company you go to try and get past this; they all have waiting periods in their policies.

    There are different waiting periods for various financial products. For instance, with medical aid, you will wait for about three months. Even though you have paid your premium for the three months, you cannot claim if you incur any medical bills in that time frame. You might have an existing illness which you would have declared in your applications, and for this, you will not receive cover for up to around 12 months – the same with a pregnancy, even though pregnancy is not an illness. If you search for a hospital plan to assist you if you are already pregnant, you are not likely to find one.

    Always read the small print or exclusions

    There is a waiting period of 6 to 12 months when it comes to a hospital cash plan. One exception is hospitalisation due to an accident. Some of the premiums might have a shorter period of only six months, but here it is necessary that you read the fine print. The hospital cash plan won’t cover your pre-existing illness or your reason for going to the hospital if these were all conditions that probably started before you started your cover. Once again it might seem unfair. But there have been so many instances where people join medical aids or cash plans, claiming almost immediately they join and then resigning from the scheme. Many loyal members join medical aids, who do not claim a lot. And who suffer as well as the company because of this.

    Yes and no – Immediate Hospital insurance Online

    Rightfully so, if you never belonged to a medical aid before, yes, it is true that there isn’t any immediate cover. You will need to wait for three months waiting period and the 12 months exclusion period. But if you do belong to a medical aid and move from one medical aid to another one, it won’t affect your cover. Just ensure you leave no gaps in-between leaving one and joining another where you would have no cover. Some hospital cash plans do have immediate cover if you are in an accident and need cover; however not if you are in the hospital for under three days or short stays. Prepare to wait a while, but it will be worth the wait when you need it.


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