Affinity Health Explainer

    February 9, 2018

    Is Affinity Health a kind of hospital insurance or what?

    Affinity Health tells us that when we join them, we’re becoming part of the family. Everybody wants medical care that is affordable and good, and the question arises – ‘is health insurance better than medical aid’? Is Affinity Health offering medical aid or health insurance?

    Is there a difference between the two? You need to do thorough research before joining any medical care provider to find out if they can deliver on their promises.  When it comes to Affinity Health, they claim to be a leading health insurance provider in South Africa. So yes, Affinity Health is a kind of insurance.

    Health Insurance Falls Under the Short-Term Insurance Act

    Health insurance such as Affinity Health isn’t medical aid because it falls under the short-term insurance Act as opposed to medical aid falling under the Medical Schemes Act. Also, health insurance doesn’t cover PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits whereas medical schemes have to by law, cover PMB’s.

    Affinity HealthIf you’re living in South Africa, you need at least medical insurance, otherwise you could be looking at some mighty high medical bills. When comparing policies, always check the extent of cover, and know precisely what’s included and excluded from a policy.

    What Affinity Health Offers

    Let’s looks at some of what else Affinity Health offers.

    • Simple, cost-effective and reliable health cover
    • They’ve got qualified service agents at their state-of-the-art call centre
    • They offer different types of cover – Day-to-Day Plan, Hospital Plan, Combined Plan and Senior/Junior Cover. Everybody with children simply wants to protect them, and now with cover being as little as R443 per month you can have the peace of having unlimited doctor’s visits, basic dentistry and optometry, specialist consultations as 24 hour emergency services
    • Private Hospital Cover for injury, illness, dread disease etc
    • Booster options for chronic medication as well as ICU cover
    • Cover for unlimited GP visits as well as general Day-to-Day medication. Your day to day cover starts in the region of R468 a month and for this you can expect to get unlimited doctors’ visits and medicines for general ailments. Enjoy cover for basic medical treatments and processes such as xrays or blood tests and access to a nationwide network of medical professionals.
    • Hospital plan starts at R615 a month and offers a range of benefits with hospitalisation


    Hospitalisation Benefits from Affinity

    – procedures for specific conditions and casualty room benefit
    – maternity cover

    – access to private hospitals

    – accident benefit up to R175,000 for single members

    – R275,000 per family per event

    – funeral assistance cover as a result of death of a member

    Affinity Health is health insurance, but you need to shop around and compare policies, which vary quite a bit. The best way to be certain you’re getting the best health insurance is to speak to people who have used a health insurance scheme already.

    Affinity Health is a leading Health Insurance provider in South Africa and they tell South Africans that within 3 easy steps they’ll be able to have an affordable health plan that can offer them some amazing benefits.

    Affinity Health also says that they understand the importance of having medical insurance that meets everyone’s budget and also their unique medical needs.

    Follow the banners on this page to get a health insurance quote!


    All info was correct at time of publishing