Genesis Medical Aid Review

    November 6, 2017

    What does Genesis medical aid review show the scheme offers?

    • The Private Choice is a basic hospital plan for those with a more limited income.
    • For a more comprehensive hospital plan with better benefits, the Private option is better.
    • The Private Plus medical aid offers a range of hospital cover and chronic condition cover.
    • For a more comprehensive medical aid, choose the Private Comprehensive plan.
    • All four different plans have day-to-day dentistry benefits.
    • All plans are affordable and offer excellent coverage.


    Genesis has become a household name since starting off in 1995 because it offers healthcare cover at an affordable rate and is innovative. Interestingly, every Genesis medical aid review shows that it is one of the top medical aids in the country. Certainly it wins both in customer service and stability.

    Genesis Medical Aid ReviewAlso it has also built its cash reserves to higher than the 25% government minimum. And this means that it is able to pay out claims fast and efficiently. The company has also managed to keep its benefit increases lower than any other company.

    The products range from hospital plans to full medical aid but all have one basic thing in common – good value for money.

    No Insistence on Provider Networks

    The company realizes that it is not always easy to find a network-affiliated healthcare practitioner or hospital. That’s why they don’t insist on you using a preferred provider. The company pays out according to its scale of benefits.

    Genesis Medical Aid Review Hospital Plans

    Choose between one of two options – the Private Choice and Private options.

    Both options provide cover for in-hospital expenses such as theatre costs, medicine, etc. Cover is offered for general ward fees, high care ward fees, and intensive care ward fees. Upgrades to private rooms will be for your account.

    Comprehensive Medical Aids Options

    There are two options here as well – the Private Plus and the Private Comprehensive options.

    These plans both include cover for private hospitalization and pay out 100% of the scale of benefit rates for in-hospital expenses.

    The company pays general practitioners and specialists up to an amount of 200% of the scale of benefits.

    The Private Plus is an alternative for members who need unrestricted in-hospital medical cover. The day-to-day benefits of this plan are more restricted. They do include a dentistry benefit and cover for 25 chronic conditions.

    You access day-to-day benefits through your medical savings account.

    If you are looking for a more comprehensive plan, the Private Comprehensive plan offers a wider range of benefits.

    Which One Do I Pick?

    You need to select the option that suits your budget and your needs the best. If you are relatively healthy, a good hospital plan should be sufficient cover.

    If you have a chronic condition, you would need to look into something that offers more day to day benefits like the Private Comprehensive plan.

    No matter which option you are considering, it is important to ensure that you are able to afford the monthly premiums. Staying up to date with your medical aid is essential as you are never sure when you are going to need to use it.


    All info was correct at time of publishing