Genesis Private and Private Choice Options

    November 1, 2017

    What is the difference between the Genesis Private and Private Choice options?

    • The Private option is R1500 per month per adult.
    • On the Private Choice option, it is R1000 per month per adult.
    • In addition, you pay an additional R365 per month for each child with the Private option.
    • The additional charge per child is R325 per month for each child on the Private Choice option.
    • There are no day to day benefits to inflate the cost of your policy.

    Cash is tight for a lot of us these days. Having to pay for comprehensive medical cover is not something everyone can afford. What choice do you have? Do you skip having a medical aid in the hopes that you will never need it or do you battle to make the payments every month and, consequently, lose out because of missed payments?

    That’s not realistic, what happens if you are in an accident? You would have to use a state hospital and we all know how overworked the staff there are.

    The Genesis Private and Private Choice Hospital Plans

    Genesis Private and Private ChoiceThe Genesis Private and Private Choice hospital plans are a good alternative. You have no day-to-day benefits, but you have cover for those times you need to go to hospital and, subsequently, pay less overall.

    In this post, we will look at the Genesis Private and Private Choice options.

    Genesis – Private

    The basic premium is R1500 for an adult and R365 per child, and, as a result, you pay for exactly what you need.

    The benefits are:

    • Your annual cover us unlimited and up to 200% of the scale of benefits is paid out.
    • You can choose any hospital you like.
    • The pathology and radiology benefit is 100%.
    • You can choose any medical practitioner that you want and Genesis will pay 200% scale of benefits.
    • The oncology benefit form part of the major medical illness benefit of R550 000 in total per annum, restricted to R210 000 per person.
    • Organ transplants are covered under the same major medical illness benefit. (So that’s R550 000 per annum for organ transplants and oncology combined.) There is a sub-limit for medication of R84 000 per year per family.
    • The dialysis is R300 000 per year per family
    • Internal prostheses cover is 100% with a limit of R30 000 per annum per family.
    • The mental health benefit allows you to be hospitalized for 3 days at a time, with a maximum of 18 days per individual per annum. The sub-limit is R36 000 per individual.


    Genesis – Private Choice

    This plan allows you to enjoy cover for in-hospital treatments at 100% of what the scale of benefits are. The costs are R1000 per adult per month and an additional R325 per child per month.

    • You can choose any provider that you like, and receive unlimited cover at 100% of scale of benefits.
    • Specialists and GPs are at 100%.
    • Cover for pathology and radiology is unlimited, and yup to 100% of scale of benefits.
    • The oncology and organ transplant benefit fall under the sub-limit of R50 000 per individual per year and, furthermore, the company pays in terms of prescribed medical benefits.
    • There is no benefit for dialysis.
    • Internal prosthesis cover is 50%, with a sub-limit of R20 000 per individual per year.
    • There is some cover for mental health – Genesis will pay for 3 days in hospital up to a maximum of 18 days per individual or R36 000 per individual per annum.


    Both options offer a good value proposition and cover you for those expenses that you might not have otherwise have been able to afford and, consequently, Genesis offers cover, stripped down so that you get the optimal medical benefit.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing