Can I get Clientele Hospital Cover by Phone?

    August 28, 2017

    Here we will find out if you can get Clientele hospital cover by phone:

    • Yes, Clientele offers their customers this convenience
    • You can buy hospital cash back plans with Internet access
    • Excellent Clientele Products are accessible via your mobile device
    • You can phone Clientele and they will phone you back
    • Clientele offers a mobile phone optimized site


    Hospital Cover – Protects you from Massive In-Hospital Costs

    It is worth taking a look at what Clientele can offer you in terms of good hospital cover.

    You along with many other South Africans are opting to look at hospital cover as this can at least protect you against those massive costs that a stint in the hospital can Hospital Cover by Phonebring. Clientele is an insurance company and they offer hospital cover with a cash benefit rather than medical expenses cover.

    Clientele offers two hospital plans – their Hospital Plus Plan and their Premium Hospital Plan.

    Their hospital plan is just one of the many products that this insurance company offers. They’ve been providing South Africans with excellent products for the past 20 years.


    Customers engage in an Immediate Way – Hospital Cover by Phone

    Clientele has designed a number of packages that are specifically designed by those who can’t afford full medical cover. For instance, their Hospital Cash Back plan is for all kinds of hospital admissions, but you have to have been admitted for more than 2 days. For a premium of R250 a month this package will pay up to R3000 per day. It offers other benefits too such as ICU cover among others.

    If you want to know more about what Clientèle can offer you in terms of hospital cover, call them on your phone and speak to one of their consultants. Their head office is in Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa and you can call them on 011 320 3000.

    Being able to use your cell phone to do business allows you to apply for medical aid cover wherever you are, and immediately. Mobility is the ability to access your office information and data remotely and to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

    With a mobile phone device, you can have remote access to Clientele’s website and email. Today’s technology offers a broad array of solutions for a business – Wi-Fi, Cellular Internet, and Bluetooth technology. Customers can use their mobile phones for SMS, voicemail or email, and Internet-enabled phones allow customers to access Clientele while on the go.

    With a mobile app for smart phones, Clientele wants to make sure that whether you have a claim to submit, you want to know more about their products or you just want to be on top of the insurance you have, it’s all there – on your phone. You can use these phone apps as a convenient strategy from Clientele to spare you lots of inconveniences.

    Hospital Cover by Phone

    Client Retention Possible – with Cell Phone Technology
    Customers in the 21st century want speed and immediacy. Inconvenience them in any way and they simply look for business elsewhere.

    Being able to do business 24/7 because of Internet- and mobile device accessibility is imperative if you want to have a competitive advantage. Clientele isn’t popular just because they offer great products – they make sure they constantly available to their customers do business with them.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing