Tailor Made Hospital Plans from Affinity

    April 8, 2017

    Years back, when South Africa introduced medical insurance, many breathed a sigh of relief that perhaps with the introduction of tailor made hospital plans from Affinity, that at least there was hope for those who just could not afford a full medical aid. In fact, in January 2014 there was a real stir on Facebook because Affinity posted an advertisement which offered medical plans at R299 a month with unlimited medicine and doctors. It was later proved that this offer was true. Affinity offered for that unlimited price medication, doctor’s visits as well as basic optometry and dentistry. A few years later, they have never looked back.

    Putting their money where their mouth is

    Tailor made Hospital PlansToday, Affinity offers a hospital plan separate from the medical aid. With the launching of medical insurance, a gap developed between medical aid consumer experiences and claiming experiences. Affinity Health saw this gap and today has revolutionised medical insurance. They are a pioneer in health insurance, constantly advancing their product quality and service for their customer. People in South Africa know that claiming on insurance policies can be pretty confusing and downright difficult. Many people say it’s just a tactic by the insurance company to prevent claims from being lodged.

    Affinity Health is an insurance company with excellent relationships today between hospitals and doctors for the benefit of their customers.

    Affinity Health has a hospital plan for individuals as well as families, at very affordable rates. The hospital plans from Affinity are to give you peace of mind, and the bills start rolling in. Hospital costs are those costs like your bed in the hospital, your theatre fees and medication, even your meals. But with a hospital plan from Affinity, you will be able to pay for these costs.

    Benefits meant to benefit – Tailor made Hospital Plans

    Affinity offers:

    • Daily illness Hospital Benefit for 24 hours that you spend in hospital. It will be irrespective of the procedures, medication and consultation fees. It will allow you a maximum of 21 days per beneficiary, per illness. There is a three month waiting period when you join.
    • Dread Disease Benefit means you will receive in hospital treatment should you suffer from dread diseases such as heart attack, stroke, brain tumours, coronary heart diseases, organ transplants, kidney failure, blindness and paraplegia. To join you will have a six-month waiting period and if you have any pre-existing diseases, you will have a waiting period of 24 months.
    • Accident Benefit has no waiting period
    • Specific Stated Conditions Benefit has a 12 month waiting period for certain conditions and 24 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions. The Specific Stated Conditions Benefit cover ‘specific’ type of conditions, for example:
    • Removal of appendix
    • Kidney stones
    • Hernia
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Gallbladder
    • Natural Maternity


    Tailor made Hospital Plans

    Because health is such a vital financial asset, Affinity Health has had tremendous growth in the provision of hospital plans in South Africa. One of the best things about taking out hospital insurance with Affinity is that you get a huge choice of doctors and hospitals than what say the average public citizen does. If you want to cover for hospitalisation due to maternity, illness, accidents, permanent disability, accidental death – then looking at Affinity to help you, you would have made one of the best decisions of your life.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing