Hospital Plan Comparison for South African Families

    April 5, 2017

    A hospital plan in South Africa has become a lifeline. All to South Africans who can no longer afford the costly medical aid premiums they fork out month by month. Here we will look at a hospital plan comparison

    South Africans don’t like finding out, that in spite of these huge premiums, there are medical treatments which their medical aid schemes won’t pay for. They prefer to downscale to a hospital plan – a good option within a medical scheme. These hospital plans provide you with hospital cover, and you also get chronic medication benefits for 26 Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

    Have you the Financial Means to Pay for your Hospital Bills?

    Hospital Plan ComparisonHospital plans are also as entry-level medical aid plans. They offer far fewer allowances for day-to-day costs than on a comprehensive medical aid plan.

    There are very few South African with the financial means to pay for a stint in the hospital out of their pocket. When you get a medical bill of R80 000 for your time in the hospital. Have you got that sort of cash lying around at home to pay?

    Hospital Plans not Ideal for Everyone – Hospital plan comparison

    While hospital plans are a worthwhile investment, the elderly and parents with young children may find that a hospital plan doesn’t provide them enough cover. When the time is ripe, you can upgrade to something more comprehensive.

    There are various types of hospital plans for you and your family, and some provide far more cover than others. Before you sign up for any hospital plan, make sure that you understand the procedures that have coverage. Make sure to compare plans and make sure you are aware if you need to make any co-payments.

    It’s where a comparison site such as Independent Medical Aid Specialists (IHS) plays such a valuable role. As medical aid brokers, they’ve got decades of experience, and their role is to help you choose the most suitable medical aid for your budget and medical needs.

    Hospital plan comparison

    It’s difficult keeping up with medical schemes and their offerings, what with constant changes to medical aid legislation. IHS only displays information from the major medical aid schemes. IHS doesn’t only offer you comparisons among the different medical aid schemes. But also among the different plans that each medical scheme offers.

    When you click on hospital plans, you’ll get a whole lot of worthwhile options. You’ll find information about Discovery’s Essential Smart Plan, their Classic Smart Plan as well as their Coastal Core plans.

    If you’re not interested in the offerings from Discovery Health, you’ll find other options to look at such as the Bonitas Bon Essential plan, Momentum’s Custom Option 1 Plan as well as Fedhealth’s Maxima Core plan among others. You’ll get all your answers on this hospital plan comparison site, from what the monthly premium is, to in- and out-of-hospital treatments to chronic medicine coverage and much more.

    A Rich Taking of Benefits to Compare

    Whether its Bonitas, Selfmed, Bestmed or one of the other medical schemes, there are lots of excellent hospitals plans to suit South Africans from all walks of life. They all offer a rich taking of benefits, and their hospital cover is simple and completely on a useful medical aid- and hospital plan comparison site.

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