Find a Hospital Plan from Affinity you can Afford.

    March 29, 2017

    An Affinity hospital plan has become essential for those who are not able to afford a more comprehensive medical aid.

    Affinity offers plans that are affordable.

    The firm works slightly differently from a medical aid as they are a medical insurer, not a medical aid scheme. And so it pays out a flat rate for each procedure and each day spent in a hospital.

    Affinity hospital plan and What it Means

    What this means for you is that there is a possibility that you might still have to pay in funds. This will depend on how much your bill at the end of the day is. It’s important, therefore, to get an idea of the costs before going into a hospital.

    Affinity hospital plan

    As this is a medical insurance and not a medical aid, there is no coverage extended for medicines on a chronic basis.

    What are the Payouts?

    You are given a cash payout for each day spent in a hospital. The rate they pay depends on the length of time you have been in the hospital.

    For example, the first day you can expect to receive a payout of R8500. This decreases to R5500 for the second day. From Day 6 up until Day 21, you receive a payout of R1500 a day. The cover extends to a maximum of 21 days in total.

    This amount is over and above the amount paid out per procedure. Let’s say, for example, that you are scheduled to have your gallbladder removed and need to stay in the hospital for two days.

    You will receive the following payout:

    Day 1: R8 500

    Day 2: R5 500

    Cost for procedure: R40 000

    So, in total, you will receive R54 000.

    Waiting Periods

    Cover for most conditions starts after the first year. For pre-existing conditions, the waiting period is two years They will begin to pay for cancer treatments after six months as long as the condition was not pre-existing.

    Benefits for Accidental Injuries

    The cover will pay up to R175 000 for per person if there is an accident. The total cover for a family in the event of an accident is R275 000. You do have to pay an excess of R500 for each incident.

    Affinity hospital plan – Added Extras

    You will be paid out R250 000 if you become permanently disabled. This cover only extends to the main member, not the dependents.

    There is a funeral cover benefit of R25 000 for the primary member as well. Dependents covered by the same policy also qualify for funeral cover but not at the same level.

    Cover from Affinity is affordable thanks to the limits put in place. However, this plan does not dictate which hospitals you may use.

    The simple system of a fixed payout per incident means that the premiums are more affordable. The waiting periods for pre-existing conditions do seem a bit long, but this is to ensure cheaper premiums.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing