Essential Med offers Low budget Hospital Plans.

    March 29, 2017

    Essential Med low budget hospital plans provide your family with the best of care when hospitalisation becomes necessary.

    The plans are designed to render help and an affordable premium.

    With Essential Med low budget hospital plans, private hospital care is no longer out of your reach.

    Essential Med low budget hospital plans – Assistance when You need it

    Being hospitalised or having a loved one hospitalised is not a pleasant thing to think about. Neither is the idea of paying hospital bills. Unless you are willing to wait for ages for treatment at a government hospital, you need to make some provision for medical expenses.

    Essential Med low budget hospital plans

    A comprehensive medical aid can be expensive and, if you cannot afford them, you may feel that you are out of luck.

    But why pay for something that you don’t really need? Day to day visits to the doctors and prescriptions are a manageable expense. And, if you are on a budget, they are not something that you need covered by a medical aid.

    A hospital plan can assist you when you need it most – during a hospital stay. And that is where Essential Med’s hospital plans come into play.

    Essential Med understands that hospital care in this country is extremely expensive. For that reason, they will pay out a cash benefit per day from the second day of your hospital stay.

    What you Will need to Claim

    When it comes to hospitalisation, you will need to be pre-authorized by Essential Med before being admitted. This is a simple process and all you need is to call in with your policy number.

    Claims are easy to process and require the submission of the bills and your policy number.

    What you Are covered For

    Choosing a generic policy is not always going to give you the cover that you specifically need. As a result, Essential Med allows you to choose the cover and benefits that you want. You pay only for what you need and so each plan is tailored to the individual.

    What are the Benefits

    The benefits of joining up with Essential Med, are as follows:

    • Cover that is affordable and that extends to your family. You and your whole family can be covered under one policy.
    • Access to private hospitals around the country as necessary. For those times when a state hospital simply is not a viable option.
    • Claim payments that are efficient and quick.
    • The removal of waiting periods when it comes to being treated in casualty for an accident.
    • The cover includes the first day that you are admitted to hospital.

    How much Will I pay?

    A basic hospital plan costs a few hundred rands per month. All plans include entry to the Essence rewards program. This program rewards you for paying your premium on time, using your benefits in a responsible manner and referring new members.

    Essential Med offers low budget hospital plans that you can afford by cutting out the frills. You don’t need to pay for services that you are never going to use.

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