Clientele Hospital Plus Plan

    April 10, 2016

    The Clientele Hospital Plus Plan is not a Medical Aid. As it’s name implies, it is a hospital insurance plan, which can be likened to an investment on par with short-term insurance.

    It pays out a cash lump sum per stay in hospital, which you may spend any way you wish. Payment is made regardless of whether you go to a private hospital, or a government one.

    Clientele Hospital Plus Plan Options

    There are 4 Clientele Hospital Plus options, available for both individuals and families.

    • A 6 month waiting period to claim – pays after 48 hours in hospital.
    • A 6 month waiting period to claim – pays after 72 hours in hospital.
    • A 12 month waiting period to claim – pays after 48 hours in hospital.
    • A 12 month waiting period to claim – pays after 72 hours in hospital.

    Waiting Periods

    Wonderful though these health insurance plans are in the way they provide you with cash Clientele Hospital Plus Planbenefits to ease your medical expenses financial burden, you need to be aware of the fact that thee are waiting periods for certain conditions –

    • 6 or 12 months for Dread Diseases.
    • 12 months for Maternity.
    • 24 months for any pre-existing condition.


    The Advantages or Benefits of the Clientele Hospital Plus Plan

    The pay-outs depend on the option chosen.

    • You may spend the lump sum pay-out on whatever you wish, whether it is to supplement a shortfall on your medical aid, child-minding while you are in hospital, or even to provide an income while you are unable to work.
    • The pay-out is in cash, from R1,000 to R20,000 depending on the option chosen.
    • In addition to the lump sum, if your hospital stay is more than 10 days, you will receive a daily cash benefit of between R100 and R2,000 per day.
    • The plan is affordable.
      – Individuals pay between R99 and R338 per month depending on the option chosen.
      – Families of 5 pay between R175 and R888 per month depending on the option.
    • The Plan is available for persons between the ages of 18 and 70.
    • You get between R20,000 and R200,000 hospital cover a year, PLUS
      -up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Death
      -up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Disability
      -up to R200,000 cover for Dread Diseases
    • The Clientele Hospital Plus Plan eases the burden of unexpected expenses.
    • No medical examination is required.
    • A cash-back option – for every 60 premiums made, 12 will be refunded, whether you have claimed or not. If you have not claimed, you get an additional 20% cash back.
    • You do not have to wait until the beginning of a new year to start the policy. A year refers to the 12 months following the commencement of your policy.


    • There is a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. If you have a heart condition, there will be a period of 24 months before you can claim when hospitalised for this condition.
    • The Clientele Hospital Plus Plan will only pay out if you have been in hospital for more than 48 or 72 hours, depending on the option chosen.

    Limitations to Payment

    It is important to notify Clientele Life of hospitalisation immediately. If reasonable notification is not obtained, Clientele Life reserves the right to refuse payment of claims. Other limitations are with regard to the amount of days covered for hospitalisation for Gastro-Intestinal Tract Infections, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Chronic Illness, and Chronic and Acute Pain.

    The total claims of the lump sum and the daily benefits are limited to your Annual Hospital Benefit. The Total Hospital Cover is limited to the Lifetime Hospital Benefit on your Personal Policy Schedule. After this limit is reached, the policy will terminate.

    Clientele’s hospital plans are also available to HIV positive people as well as people who have diabetes, but the bottom line is that it will give you money, for each day you are in hospital. If you can’t keep up with your medical aid premiums, rather down-grade to a hospital plan from a reputable source.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing