BonCap from Bonitas

    February 23, 2017

    BonCap from Bonitas is a low-cost hospital plan that supplies a surprising range of benefits. So your monthly income determines your monthly premium. This versatile pricing structure aims to make comprehensive health cover affordable to all income groups. There is no overall annual limit, and cover starts at just R368 per month, although this doubles for most earners. Across the board, you find good health care at good prices. So here we take a look at what makes BonCap shine as a top hospital plan.

    BonCap’s Scalable Rates

    You are limited to health care providers who form a part of the Bonitas network. However

    BonCap from Bonitas

    many private institutions are part of their services. Also, all coverage is supplied at a 100% scheme tariff. So here is a breakdown of BonCap’s rates, each scaled to your income:


    Total Monthly Income of R500 or Under – BonCap from Bonitas

    • R368 for the Principal Member
    • R349 per Adult Dependent
    • R173 per Child Dependent


    Total Monthly Income of Between R501 and R6550 – BonCap from Bonitas

    • R753 for the Principal Member
    • R714 per Adult Dependent
    • R355 per Child Dependent


    Total Monthly Income of Between R6551 and R10650 – BonCap from Bonitas

    • R916 for the Principal Member
    • R866 per Adult Dependent
    • R420 per Child Dependent


    Total Monthly Income of Between R10651 and R14550 – BonCap from Bonitas

    • R1493 for the Principal Member
    • R1330 per Adult Dependent
    • R566 per Child Dependent


    Total Monthly Income of Over R14551 – BonCap from Bonitas

    • R1834 for the Principal Member
    • R1633 per Adult Dependent
    • R695 per Child Dependent


    All hospital visits, other than emergencies, of course, must be pre-authorized. If you decide to use a non-network provider or you no not pre-authorize your stay, then you become liable for a copayment of R5, 650.

    In-Hospital Benefits from BonCap

    Notable in-hospital benefits from BonCap include:

    • GP & Specialist Consultations
    • Pathology
    • General & Specialized Radiology
    • Renal Dialysis
    • R3700’s Speech & Occupational Therapy
    • Neo-Natal Care (R38,900 per year)
    • Physical Rehabilitation Cover (R42,500 per family)
    • Appendix Removal
    • Gallstone Surgery
    • Heart Surgery
    • Trauma
    • Treatment of Broken Bones
    • Cancer Surgery
    • Medical Emergencies


    BonCap also covers both internal and external prosthesis costs, as long as they are PMBs. So PMBs are minimum benefits which include 270 medical conditions which all medicals schemes must pay for. Mental health costs, HIV/Aids treatment, oncology and organ transplants also fall under PMB cover.

    Out-of-Hospital, Dental & Optical Cover

    Thanks to PMB benefits, 27 chronic conditions are fully covered.  Dental from BonCap is also fairly comprehensive. So emergency root canals, one infection control visit and four fillings per year are part of the package. You are also allowed a bi-annual set of plastic dentures, should you need it. So if your oral health issue requires a general anaesthetic, the costs are coming out of your pocket. Also, all optical benefits are rendered by Iso-Lens. As a BonCap hospital plan member, you receive considerable discounts on optics, but there is no budget in your cover allocated.

    Factors to Keep in Mind

    While BonCap’s in-hospital cover may seem perfect, it lacks in certain regards. Also, many holistic healing procedures don’t have cover. It also includes iridology, reflexology and Ayurvedic’s, among others. Cosmetic procedures are just as limited, as is infertility treatments, Maxillo-facial surgery and cognitive therapies such as sleep therapy. You get no cover for the following in-hospital procedures:

    • Surgical Treatment for Obesity
    • Gender Reassignment
    • Chiropractic X-Rays
    • Robotic Assisted Surgery
    • PET Screening
    • GP Ordered MRI’s
    • Varicose Vein Surgery
    • Joint Replacements
    • Back and Neck Surgery
    • Nasal / Sinus Surgery
    • Spine Facet Block Injections
    • Percutaneous Rhizotomies
    • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implants
    • Cardiac Defibrillator Implants


    Bonitas Delivers Great Overall Value

    So some of the best private hospitals in the country fall under the Bonitas umbrella. Even though out-of-hospital benefits count out most alternative medicine, the dental, maternity program and an online health database make up for this shortcoming. Other South African hospital plans may give you more specialised support in certain areas, but BonCap excels in all areas and comes in at a great price. It is a great choice for both single individuals and large families.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing