Five Reasons Why You Need a Discovery Hospital Plan

    January 11, 2017

    Discovery Health has been recognised as one of the leading medical aid providers in South Africa. If that’s not enough to whet your whistle, here are some other reasons as to why you need a Discovery Hospital Plan.

    Five Reasons as to Why You Need a Discovery Hospital Plan

    The Best Value for Money

    Discovery always endeavours to reduce the cost of healthcare so that you can get the very best possible deal.

    When comparing the benefits received and the contributions paid to other medical aids, you will find that the Discovery contributions workout by up to about 14% less than those of our competitors.

    So when making a comparison related to the premium that you are paying, do take care that you are comparing like with like. While some plans might have contributions that are lower, the cover is also a lot less comprehensive.

    why you need a Discovery hospital plan

    The Best Coverage

    Are you tired of always having to pay a co-payment when you have to see a specialist or go to the hospital? Does your medical aid pay your full medical costs or are you stuck with extra bills because they only pay a portion of the costs?

    With Discovery, you can rest assured that co-payments are a thing of the past. We have made special arrangements with a range of different pharmacy networks, medical professionals and hospitals.

    As long as you visit these, and receive medication that corresponds to the preferred list of medicines, you don’t need to worry about co-payments.

    We’ll even pay for the cost of preventative screening test such as cholesterol tests. Then you won’t need to dip into your Medical Savings Account.

    Savings on a Range of Health Products

    Together Vitality and Discovery have negotiated savings for you of as much as a quarter off for certain health care products that are on offer at Disc-Chem and Clicks.

    You also enjoy the same substantial saving when it comes to the storage of stem cells and a range of services from Netcells Biosciences.

    Save 20% when buying lenses and frames when using an optometrist contracted into the preferred provider network.

    The Best Rewards Program for Being Healthy

    Discovery acknowledges that some people do more than others to keep fit and healthy. Why should we reward them for that effort? Discovery partnered with Vitality and allows members to become part of the scheme.

    When you work towards becoming healthier, you get great rewards. Members can save as much as 80% on their gym membership. They can also earn a 25% discount on HealthGear and HealthyFood items at certain shops.

    They are also able to save as much as 35% on flights and as much as 50% on accommodation.

    There are many other benefits as well.

    Technology Working For You

    The design of the Discovery app, along with the Discovery website is to assist you when it comes to getting the best out of your medical aid.

    The award-winning Discovery HealthID lets your doctor access your records digitally. It also allows them to submit the prescriptions the same way. No more losing files or scripts.

    You can also book consultations online to save you more time. There is also the facility that allows for virtual consultations with your doctor.

    In conclusion:

    These are the reasons as to why YOU need a Discovery Hospital plan. Trust us.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing