Discovery Executive Plan

    January 8, 2017

    South African medical aid giant, Discovery, offer a top of the range plan called the Discovery Executive Plan. It offers extensive in and out of hospital cover. The plan provides unlimited private hospital care, including private ward cover and up to 300% Discovery Health Rate for other specialists.

    A few additional benefits:

    Ongoing cover after Medical Savings Account is depleted. Can be used for blood tests, GP consultation fees, preferred medicine, maternity costs, etc

    Complete cover for chronic medication applicable to all conditions on Chronic Disease List as well as other conditions. Access to an exclusive list of brand name medicines.

    Discovery Executive Plan for the Whole Family

    A high savings account providing unlimited Above Threshold Benefit for out of hospital day-to-day costs.

    Monthly contributions for Discovery Executive Plan:

    Main member – R 5544

    Additional Adult – R 5544

    Per child – R 1055

    Annual savings:

    Main member – R 16 632

    Additional Adult – R 16 632

    Per child – R 3156

    Annual threshold amount:

    Main member – R 16 600

    Additional Adult – R 16 600

    Per child –  R 3150


    Hospitalisation – private hospitals – unlimited

    Hospitalisation – provincial hospitals – unlimited

    Benefits paid at 300% of Discovery Health Rate

    Prescribed hospital networks – any hospital

    ICU and high care – Unlimited

    Private ward cover R 1 750/approved admissions

    MRI/cat scans – 100% of Discovery Health Rates (DHR). Paid from day-to-day benefits

    Partner specialists – 100% Cover

    Non-Partner specialist – 300% DHR. Paid from day-to-day benefits

    Other Discovery Executive Plan Benefits

    – Unlimited

    Preferred provider for ambulance – Discovery 911


    Psychiatric hospitalisation – 21 days per member annual limit


    HIV/aids benefit – Obtain medication from a DSP otherwise subject to 20% co-payment


    Renal dialysis – Unlimited


    Chemotherapy and radiotherapy – R400 000 of approved cancer treatment per 12 month cycle. Thereafter, 20% co-payment of all additional costs


    Organ transplants – Unlimited


    Rehabilitation for alcohol or drug abuse – 21 days per person


    Compassionate care benefit – R 48 000 in member lifetime


    Cochlear implants, auditory brain implants and processors – R207 000 per member per benefit


    Internal nerve stimulators – R142 200 per member


    Shoulder joint prostheses – No overall limit provided a preferred suppliers is used

    Non-preferred suppliers limited to R40 000 per prosthesis


    Major joints surgery – 100%. Pre-approval and Discovery partner network to be used.

    Alternative providers, Discovery will pay 80% of DHR for in-hospital account.

    Limit of R 38 200 per prosthesis per admission


    Prosthetics required for spinal surgery – Unlimited if Discovery partner network used

    Alternative providers, limited to R 25 500 for level one and R 51 000 for 2 levels or more, Limit of one procedure per person per year


    Dentistry – Total limit of R48 350 per member.


    Medicine Cover with Discovery Executive Plan


    Prescription medication, schedule 3 and above:

    Single member – R33 000

    Plus 1 dependant – R38 700

    2 dependants – R44 300

    3 or more dependants – R49 950


    Over-the-counter medicine, immunisations and vaccines

    Paid out of Medical Savings Account (MSA).

    Payments no included towards Annual Threshold and will not be funded by the Above Threshold Benefit (ATB)

    Appliances and equipment

    Optical – includes lenses, frames, contact lenses as well as operations or any healthcare procedure to correct refractive errors of the eye

    Limit – R6 800 for each person

    External medical items – R58 800 per family

    Hearing aids – R22 900 per family

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    All info was correct at time of publishing