Discovery KeyCare Hospital Plans

    December 13, 2016

    The Discovery Medical Aid Scheme has a basket with quite a wide range of plans. When each sub-type is broken down, up to 22 plan options can be worked out. Discovery Keycare hospital plans are the most basic. It is their cheapest offering with services provided by doctors and hospitals on their Key Care Network. Premiums are very cost efficient and are determined by income scale for each of this series’ offerings.

    An individual who earns R290 per month, for example, will not pay the same premium as one who earns over R10751 for each option plan, and yet has access to the same benefits. It has three options programs. On all their plans, Discovery has made arrangements with healthcare professionals who covers procedures and consultations as long as they fall under the approved schedule. For the KeyCare Series, Discovery has a further network of hospitals, and doctors called the KeyCare network. These providers have full cover, whereas all others pay up to 100% of the Discovery rate.

    discovery keycare hospital plansDiscovery Keycare hospital plans, 3 Options

    Discovery Keycare hospital plans have three option types namely, Plus, Access, and Core. The main advantages of this series are unlimited hospital cover for hospitals in the KeyCare network. Full specialist cover in a hospital for professionals in the KeyCare network and 100% Discovery rate cover for all other providers. Primary protection for medicines for the treatment of chronic conditions that are on the KeyCare Chronics list and unlimited G consultant cover, blood tests, x-rays, and medicines as long as they are on the KeyCare Network. This plan does not have medical savings.

    On the KeyCare Plus program, which is the highest of the KeyCare basket, members have unlimited hospital cover to hospitals on the network, and for procedures on their particular list. The access plan only covers procedures in private hospital relating to trauma and neonatal care. State-run health facilities include other methods on the network. Premiums start R290 sliding up to R1734 depending on income. The plus option has both cheapest and the highest premiums.

    The Core plan does not cover trips to casualty at all. On the Plus plan, these include visits to hospitals in the KeyCare network; the member will, however, have to pay R270 consultation fee upfront. The Access policy covers any trauma emergencies once a year, a R270 consultation fee does also apply. Oncology treatment is similar for the Plus and Core options which include care if it is a prescribed minimum benefit and will allocate an oncology specialist to the case. The Access option only covers care at state facilities if it is a prescribed minimum benefit. The benefit on all three plans allows for certain blood tests and pregnancy- related consultations with providers within the network.


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