Essential Medical Aid Offers an Affordable Insurance Option

    October 15, 2014

    At first glance, most medical aid schemes appear to be alike, but there are differences which will affect your monthly premium and the benefits you enjoy. So how can the man on the street be sure he’s getting the best medical care for his money when essential medical aid is required?

    When people are looking for an affordable medical aid, names like Liberty Medical Aid and Bestmed come up among others. A health insurance comparison will reveal that Essential Med is not actually a medical aid, but that they offer their clients, whether individuals, couples, families or companies, a range of affordable medical and health care insurance policies.

    TEssential Medical Aidhey differ somewhat from a medical aid such as Discovery Health which is governed by the Council for Medical Schemes whereas health insurance is governed by the long- or short-term Insurance Act. The laws governing the policies and protecting the members are also different.

    Private Health Insurance with State of the Art Facilities

    The truth is that in South Africa we have both private and public health care systems, but private health insurance is what everyone would like. The public system is supposed to be funded by government, but because it is underfunded, the care you receive there is way under par. On the other hand, the private health care system offers one the chance of hospitalisation and medical treatments within state of the art facilities.

    Essential Medical Aid allows its clients access to a wide range of these quality medical services. Once you know the kind of coverage you need, get 3-5 quotes from companies offering health care policies so that you can make an informed choice.

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    Medical aids such as Momentum Health or Discovery Medical Aid pay out according to the National Health Recommended Price List (NHRPL) while a few pay out based on the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and the member pays the difference between the two rates. Essential Med’s day-to-day health care benefits are a pre-paid preventative health care service while their hospital plan insurances are covered by their benefit hospital cover. They have been around since 2005 focusing on ensuring that their customers don’t have to endure hassles and hardships around their health care. Their policies include Essential Med Basic, Balance, Boost and 55 Plus. Their medical cover and health care products include their day to day heathcare benefits, their hospital insurance plans and cover, their emergency services as well as their advisory services.

    Essential Medical Aid from a Healthcare Insurance Provider

    Private policies vary in price, depending on their scope of offering, the age of the person and whether they opt for comprehensive or hospital cover. If you can’t afford medical aid rates from some of the leading medical aids in South Africa, Essential Med has options that you can afford.

    Where a standard hospital from private healthcare medical aids might be anything from R600 to R4000 a month, they can offer health care cover in the region of R320. You are guaranteed to find a policy option that suits you. Their hospital cover includes:

    ■death benefits
    ■HIV/Aids benefits
    ■pays for illness hospitalisation up to R4,500 a day
    ■maternity hospitalisation cover
    ■dreaded disease hospitalisation cover up to R9 000 per day in a lump sum
    ■accident hospitalisation cover
    ■permanent disability benefit up to R250 000
    ■emergency and casualty visits

    Essential medical aid compared to medical schemes

    Just like the Discovery Vitality program, Essential Med has their Essence Lifestyle and Wellness Programme which is also a rewards programme and offers lots of benefits from such as telephonic medical and health care advice, competitions, discounts as well as emergency road and household assist, among other benefits from selected partners.

    With Essential Med’s range of affordable benefits; from doctor’s consultations through to emergency services, and with rates as low as some 3- to R400 a month, this private healthcare provider leads the way in truly affordable essential medical aid and health care in South Africa.

    Please note that Essential medical aid is not a medical scheme. It is an insurance plan.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing