Affordable Entry Level Hospital Plans from Bonitas

    February 17, 2016

    Enjoying good health is to be considered the greatest gift of all. When you hear the doctor tell you you have cancer, you will realize that your health is priceless. Fortunately in South Africa we have many health care options, even affordable entry level hospital plans for those with small salaries and budgets. Some of the good hospital plans you get are an attractive option for those who find that comprehensive medical cover has become way beyond their means.

    A hospital plan may well be geared towards those who are fairly healthy, but even so a hospital plan is far better than having no health protection at all. Medical schemes such as Fedhealth, Bestmed. Momentum, Discovery and Bonitas offer some of the best affordable entry level hospital plans in South Africa.

    Bonitas Voted as One of the Best Medical Schemes

    Bonitas have gone out of their way to put together a range of affordable entry level hospital Affordable Entry Level Hospital Plansplans and solutions that offer you the cover you need at the best prices. Not only is Bonitas Medical Scheme one of the biggest open medical aid providers in South Africa, they have also been voted the best medical scheme in South Africa in a recent survey conducted by the South African Consumer Satisfaction Index (Sacsi).

    Bonitas have been in the business for decades, delivering exceptional services to some 650 000 South Africans. With their AA- Global credit rating, they are well able to pay out all member’s claims.

    Affordable Entry Level Hospital Plans for Low Earners

    Their Bon Essential plan offers in-hospital cover in of South Africa’s private hospital in South Africa. It is the idea plan for healthier individuals and families with added Prescribed Minimum Benefits. All 26 chronic conditions are covered in Bonitas hospital plan prices. You benefit from in-hospital cover at 100% of the Bonitas Rate.

    Bonitas covers all major hospital events including oncology treatment and renal dialysis. Members will have to pay a deductible for certain procedures. The Bonitas hospital plan doesn’t cover day-to-day expenses, but covers in-hospital treatment. It also covers –

    • maternity benefits – 6 antenatal visits, 4 post-natal visits and 2 scans
    • infant paediatric benefits as well as childhood illness benefit
    • emergency medical transportation
    • immune deficiency benefit relating to HIV/AIDS – 1 HIV test and flu vaccination each year
    • prosthesis for prescribed minimum benefits

    The Bonitas hospital plan includes a hospital network option which is known as BonCap. This option is their entry-level product, offering access to network providers and hospitals. The plan is designed to make private healthcare more affordable for all South Africans. For instance, someone who earns less than R500 a month or less will be able to pay R368 a month.

    This hospital plan appeals more to those on a tighter budget, but you won’t enjoy as much cover on this as the regular hospital plan. You’ll get limited hospital cover with day-to-day cover at a GP within the scheme’s network. The good thing about this hospital plan is that you have that peace of mind in an emergency,. It’s also a good option if you’re on a tight budget but do want peace of mind in an emergency.

    A Hospital Plan for the Day Your Bubble Bursts

    There is a Bonitas Hospital Plan to meet everyone’s needs and budgets. Once you’ve made up your mind you can choose the hospital plan you like by simply submitting their their online hospital plan form. You’ll be provided with information offered by experts who want you to have serenity about where you’ll land up when an emergency strikes or your health takes a serious dip.

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