KeyHealth Hospital Plans

    January 10, 2017

    Finding the right hospital plan for you can be a task fraught with difficulty. The language used can be confusing to start with. Then there is the astounding range of choice, designed to confuse you. KeyHealth hospital plans aim to be different. It has set out to keep things simple. They offer cover that is easy to understand. It doesn’t try to wow you with a range of benefits that are meaningless.

    Trying to sell a medical aid scheme can be a tough business. There is a lot of competition out there. As a result, most companies try to convince you to buy by giving you an extensive list of reasons to do so.

    The truth is that most medical aid schemes are pretty similar. Company A will offer similar benefits to Company B. The focus shifts to the benefits offered rather than why you need the medical scheme in the first place.

    And that is the most important thing.

    KeyHealth Hospital Plans

    Why Do You Need a Medical Aid?

    Expect the Unexpected

    You don’t head off to work in the morning expecting to be involved in a three-car pileup. You don’t expect to have a heart attack. (Most of the time anyway.)

    The longer you live, the greater the chances that you are going to need some form of medical assistance. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; you are not in complete control of what happens to you.

    Saving Money

    The answer is simple. Medical aids save you money. Did you just do a double take on that sentence? I know that it doesn’t sound right at first. You can consider this purchase expensive.

    Having said that, how expensive is not having a medical aid when you need it? Be prepared to mortgage the house and sell everything you own if you have a heart attack. Hospitalisation can cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of Rands.

    Also, consider the cost of medication on a monthly basis. Basic diabetes medication can easily set you back about R500-R1000 a month if you are lucky. Also, with a medical aid, this is a chronic condition and is not paid for from your savings account.

    Avoiding Government Healthcare

    We live in a great country but, let’s be honest, government-funded healthcare needs some work. They have some great medical staff but they just don’t have the resources to run at full capacity.

    Do you want to have to wait for hours to be seen to in an overcrowded emergency room? Do you want to take the chance that the equipment has broken down or that the doctor is too tired after having worked too many hours in a row?

    Why KeyHealth Hospital Plans?

    KeyHealth does not make a bunch of empty promises. They don’t offer loyalty programmes that end up costing more than they are worth. They provide simple, basic cover.

    Why pay for all the bells and whistles when you don’t need to? If you are looking for basic, no-nonsense cover that delivers when you need it to, KeyHealth Hospital Plans is a great option.


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