Discovery Hospital Plans with Maternity Benefits

    January 10, 2017

    Discovery Health is one of the premier medical schemes in South Africa. It provides benefits, including maternity benefits, that are comprehensive and generally useful. The company aims to offer good value and also aims to make quality healthcare available to you.

    Discovery Health medical schemes also offer a range of different benefits. Therefore, you can choose what suits you best in terms of affordability and your needs.

    Cover for Dmaternity benefitsay-to-Day Expenses

    When it comes to expenses for common medical problems, cover is extended to you. You have coverage for GP visits. You are able to consult specialists in person or via video call. The company will pay for medication, pathology and radiology.

    You will pay these expenses from your medical savings account. As a result, you choose the amount of cover that you want to have.


    The Medical Savings Account

    These apply to Comprehensive, Saver, Priority and Executive plans.

    Network Provider

    This applies to the KeyCare plans and the Smart plans – The company will pay in full as long as you go to medical professionals on the preferred provider list.

    The company will pay for your medication in full when you choose a preferred provider as long as it is on the list of preferred medicines. You can find out who to see in your area by logging into the Discovery website and accessing the MaPs tool.

    Day-to-day Extender Benefit

    This allows you to extend your cover when it comes to day-to-day expenses and applies once you have exhausted your annual savings account. The benefit will apply as long as your Annual Threshold, where applicable, has not been reached.

    The amount of cover will depend on the plan you are on. It may include GP visits, some medications, costs related to pregnancy, blood tests, etc. Most things that relate to the maternity benefits.

    The company will settle all the bills as long as you visit a preferred provider.

    This is only applicable to plans that feature the medical savings account. The Saver, Priority, Comprehensive and Executive plans can have this feature added on.

    The KeyCare, Core, Smart, and some of the Classic plans cannot have this feature added on.

    There is also cover for chronic, cancer and HIV

    You get extensive cover for chronic conditions and cancer and also access to a wide-range of benefits, managed care programmes and services that ensure you and your doctor can access the best healthcare available when you need it. You have to apply to have this cover approved and paid out.

    The Maternity Benefits

    This is what covers expenses incurred on a day-to-day basis for those expecting. You will have to pay for consultations conducted outside of hospital, scans and tests out of your medical savings account. If this is exhausted, they are paid from the Day-to-Day extender benefit.

    Chronic Illness Benefit

    Chronic cover extends to a total of twenty-seven conditions. The company will pay for your medication if you qualify. This is not paid out of your medical savings account.

    This benefit is only available on application. The company will pay for medication that must be taken on a daily or regular basis. The medication you take on a daily


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    All info was correct at time of publishing