Hippo Hospital Cash Plan Options

    December 14, 2016

    Hospital Cash cover is not a medical aid. Rather than covering your medical costs which medical aid does. It pays you a cash amount per day for the period of your hospital admission. This relieves the financial stress that comes with hospitalisation and loss of income as a result of this disclosure. Don’t use this type of cover in place of medical aid. Hippo does not provide the cover itself. Instead, it helps one to compare one cover to another provided by Hospital Plan insurers. Look further into Hippo Hospital Cash Plan Options in this article.


    Hippo Hospital Cash Plan OptionsThe policyholders themselves chooses the actual daily figure in cash they want. The insurer offers a corresponding premium which the policyholder must pay.

    This type of insurance is offered to individuals who are between 16 and 65 years old. They must also either be a South African citizen or have permanent residency of South Africa.

    The policyholder pays for the cash claim, who can use it to pay off any shortfalls and co-payments in the hospital or doctor’s bills, any excess treatment bills, or as a source of income to cover for the loss of income while in a hospital. The cover can be for an individual or family. One can, therefore, claim for the hospitalisation of their child or spouse. It is an absolute amount, and the hospital bill does not determine it. Policyholders, therefore, get paid out whether they are admitted into a private or public hospital as long as the institution is a registered South African hospital. It usually does not include care at hospices or similar establishments

    Hippo Hospital Cash Plan Options, Qualifications.

    No medical examination is necessary to qualify for Hospital Cash cover. Pre-existing medical conditions currently being treated or that have been processed in the last 12 months such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and epilepsy are not included except dental and optical treatment. Regarding waiting periods, when hospitalisation is due to an accident, cover starts immediately after the first premium after you pay the joining. All other hospitalisation, like due to illness, it covers after 6 to 12 months of membership. Some insurers also do not cover abortion or pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage.

    Submit the Cash cover claim after discharge from the hospital. While the exact documents differ from one provider to the next, generally, you would need; the final hospital bill on release to show the admission duration; your policy provider’s claim form and a medical report.Most insurers pay for a maximum of 180 days of entry per event.

    More on Hippo with Hippo Hospital Cash Plan Options.

    Hippo will need you to fill in a quote request from to generate the comparison. The form will typically require your name, contact details, age, type of cover whether individual; couple or family and cash payment required ranging between R1000 and R5000. Some examples of the actual insurers are Clientele Life with its Hospital Plus and their Hospital Premium plans; Hollard with its Day Aid Cashback program and AIG with its Hospital Cash Back Plan.


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