MRI and CT Scans Cover on Genesis Hospital Plans

    December 13, 2016

    Genesis Medical Scheme has both comprehensive and hospital cover plans. Plans are to cater for varying needs of policyholders from different walks of life. Under the Hospital Cover banner, Genesis Medical Aid Scheme has two option plan types. They are the Private Plan and the Private Choice Plan. Its hospital cover will insure any in-hospital procedures. Therefore this includes all accounts, including MRI and CT scans.

    mri and ct scansThe plans for 2017 start at premiums of R1000 for an adult on the Private Choice plan and R1500 on the Private plan. Premiums increase depending on some dependents. Two adults and a child will pay R2325 on the Private Choice Plan. While the same profile would cost R3365 on the Private Plan. There are no restrictions on the private hospital or specialist/ health care provider you use. There is also cover with both options for dentistry of an essential care nature to the value of R25000 per year for each beneficiary.

    Mri and Ct scans

    The private choice plan covers MRI and CT scans at 100% of the scheme rate. The member has to get authorization from the plan first before proceeding to get the scans done. The plan also limits the scans per family to 2, and each scan cost cannot exceed R6250. It requires a fee of R2750 per scan as co-payment. This plan also excludes any treatment of neck and back ailments that are conservative treatment and procedures like Dento –Alveor, the member, would have to pay the full costs of these out of their pocket.

    The private plan also covers MRI and CT scans at 100% of the scheme rate% of the scheme rate also requiring authorisation. On this scheme, however, the neck and back conservative treatments are covered by a cap of 50% of the scheme rate with a further cap of R6000 per year for each beneficiary. These benefits are pro-rated for any members that join in the middle of the year


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    All info was correct at time of publishing