KeyCare Hospital Plans from Discovery

    August 8, 2016

    A medical aid hospital plan will pay for those bills when you are in a hospital. The cover includes fees for doctors as well as tests you may have to undergo. However, people often mistake a medical aid hospital plan and a hospital cash plan, when in fact, they are different. Unfortunately, the payout policy is also different.  Medical aid schemes offer medical cover and hospital cover. Discovery Health offers these hospital options, including the KeyCare hospital plans.

    These hospital plans are much more affordable than a regular medical aid, and this is their attraction. Let’s see what KeyCare hospital plans from Discovery can offer.

    KeyCare Hospital Plans from a Reliable Source


    KeyCare Hospital Plans from DiscoveryTo start with, Discovery Health is South Africa’s largest medical scheme with well over 2.69 million members and more than R12.9 billion in reserves. Discovery Health offers KeyCare Core, KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Access, which are different hospital plans to cover the accounts from all your health care professionals. But note that you need to make sure of the KeyCare network hospitals. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay the claims yourself.

    Discovery Health has agreements with some specialists and in this instance, it pays hospitalisation and related costs in full. If this agreement doesn’t exist, then the member will be liable for the difference, which is where gap cover comes in.


    The Key to Affordable Health Care


    With KeyCare you have cover for the 27 Prescribed Minimum Benefit chronic conditions. You also have cover for cancer and HIV and AIDS. There is also cover for some medical expenses while travelling overseas.

    KeyCare, for which the primary member pays in the region of R1 700 each month, offers affordable protection through the KeyCare network of hospitals and doctors. You benefit in the following ways:

    • Unlimited hospital cover but in the KeyCare network of hospitals.
    • With specialists in the network – up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate for other health care professionals.
    • Cover for chronic medicine that appears on the Chronic Disease List.
    • Unlimited cover for doctor consultations, blood tests, etc. in the KeyCare network and this applies for those on the KeyCare Plus- and Access plan.


    The Three Plans in the Series

    The KeyCare Series has its three health plan options, and each one has differences in benefits. So let’s look at how hospitalisation and cancer compare between the three options:


    – The Plus Plan – Unlimited cover in the network
    – The Access Plan – Unlimited cover for emergencies, trauma, etc. And cover for other conditions  in a contracted network of state facilities
    –  The Core Plan – Unlimited cover for Keycare Network. And there’s a list of procedures included in the KeyCare day surgery network


    –  The Plus Plan – KeyCare covers treatment if it is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit. And Discovery allocates the member to a network provider
    –  the Access Plan – Covers treatment if it is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit in a state facility
    –  The Core Plan – Covers treatment if it is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit. Also, the member gets allocated a network provider.

    The Right Plan Towards a Better Way of Life

    In a time of restlessness in the healthcare industry, then a hospital plan offers rewards. It is up to everyone to decide on the cover they need and what they can afford to pay each month. A KeyCare hospital plan is an excellent choice for the many South Africans who can no longer afford a medical aid plan.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing