Selfmed Medelite Hospital Plan

    November 26, 2016

    Most South African’s can’t afford a medical aid anymore, and they’re looking at hospital plans in a new light. At least you have some cover if you land in hospital The Selfmed Medelite hospital plan is one such option.

    A hospital plan is an essential form of medical cover. They differ from medical aids in that while you’re in the hospital the plan pays a set amount per day. Spending days and nights in a hospital can be extremely expensive. And you can benefit from cover for the surgeon, the anaesthetics, the specialists and all the required medication. A hospital plan will pay out so that expenses won’t affect your financial situation at all.

    With a hospital plan, you can include your spouse and children. Most hospital plans also include maternity benefits as well as making provision for seniors.

    Hospital Plans from Selfmed

    Selfmed Medical Scheme offers hospital plans. It’s nice knowing that your hospital plan comes from such a reputable source. Selfmed Medical Scheme is a registered, open medical aid scheme which was established in 1965.

    Selfmed Medelite Hospital Plan

    They are one of South Africa’s excellent medical schemes, and they believe the health of their members come first. It is one medical scheme which doesn’t make their members pay for a host of unnecessary frills and add-ons.

    They also make sure their members have access to them through their offices around the country. They are also one of the few medical schemes to have joined the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

    Selfmed Medelite Hospital Plan Offerings

    • Unlimited hospital cover paid at 100% of agreed tariff at any of the Scheme’s designated hospitals
    • Cover for 65 chronic conditions up to R 27,000.00
    • Joint replacements but individual sub-limits apply
    • Oncology benefits – cover for biological drugs
    • Ante-natal classes and foetal scans – R 1,500.00
    • Unlimited MRI and CT scans in and out of hospital
    • Cover for some  clinical procedures in doctor’s room such as Colonoscopy
    • Benefits for oral surgery and non-elective maxillo-facial

    For more information on the Selfmed Medelite Hospital Plan, please leave your contact details on the Selfmed website. Or you can phone 0860 73 53 63. Then a consultant can get back to you. If you want to become a member of Selfmed, you can also download the application form.

    Always better to go for Medical Aid Hospital Plan

    It is better to opt for a hospital plan from Selfmed than from one offered by an insurance company. A hospital plan offered by Selfmed provides higher levels of cover than policies from insurance companies. Some insurance companies offer cash-back incentives and no-claims bonuses.

    This is different from a medical aid hospital plan. That is a product that a scheme like Selfmed negotiates with hospitals. It offers 100% cover of the agreed tariffs. That is if one of the preferred providers are used.

    The hospital plans that you select from a medical scheme mean you manage your day-to-day medical expenses yourself.

    With the Selfmed Medelite hospital plan, Selfmed does payouts to the hospital, removing all the irritations of the paperwork.

    To get a FREE hospital plan quote, please complete then send the short form on this page

    All info was correct at time of publishing