Liberty Hospital Options Details

    November 24, 2016

    Let’s say you want comprehensive cover for illnesses requiring hospitalisation but you prefer to manage daily medical costs personally.

    Then you should seriously consider Liberty Hospital Options.

    Liberty Hospital Options and Choices

    So the choices are:

    • Hospital Plus
    • Hospital Standard
    • and Hospital Select


    Cover offered under the different options

    • Hospital Plus offers:

    Up to 200% of LMS rate for specialists and GPs

    Choice of any hospital

    A list of 27 prescribed minimum benefits conditions

    Self-funded day-to-day expenses

    • Hospital Standard offers:

    Liberty Hospital Options

    As for Hospital Plus, but with up to 100% of LMS rate for specialists and GPs

    • Hospital Select offers:

    The same as Hospital Standard, but with the following exceptions:

    Hospital choice is limited to network

    Chronic medications from the State

    Major Medical Benefits Applicable to all Liberty Hospital Options

    • Hospitalisation

    That covers hospital admission and associated costs, such as radiology, pathology and consultations.  However, these benefits require pre-authorisation.

    • Dialysis and Oncology

    These services are subject to pre-authorisation.

    • Disease Management

    Programmes for diseases like epilepsy, cancer, diabetes asthma, etc. are included.  Significantly, members will be offered support, advice and education from registered healthcare professionals, in addition to chronic medication reviews.

    • Chronic Disease, including HIV/Aids

    As usual, members on Plus or Standard schemes should obtain pre-authorisation for chronic medications.

    • Maternity Benefits

    Maternity benefits include costs for delivery, paediatrician, anaesthetist, post-natal care, waterbirths and delivery by a midwife.

    Extender Benefits paid from Major Medical Benefits

    • Crime Trauma

    Includes cover for incidents such as hijacking, robbery, rape, etc.

    • MRI/CT Scans (out-of-hospital benefit)

    The benefit offers one radio-isotope scan and two out-of-hospital scans per family.  Pre-authorisation is required.

    • Casualty

    This benefit covers costs related to admissions to the casualty ward or emergency room of registered facilities. Or in a doctor’s consultation room.  There are limits for treatments in casualty away from home and after hours.

    • Preventative Care

    The cover is for preventative, diagnostic tests and annual screening.

    Prescribed Minimum Benefits

    Prescribed minimum benefits ensure that medical scheme members do not run out of available benefits for treatment of certain conditions.  So this ensures that you obtain continued quality care at the time when it is most needed.

    Therefore the benefit or monetary limit exclusions listed on the Hospital Option benefit schedule are not applicable. However, that is provided you meet the provisions set out by the Rules related to the treatment of said condition.

    Importantly, the LMS Specialist Network ensures access to specialist care when required. And it then aids in the management of the costs related to PMB treatment.

    Specialist Network

    This option ensures that you gain access to Specialist care as and when needed.  Additionally, it also prevents a patient from being liable for out-of-pocket expenses.  However, in cases where you visit a specialist who is not on the network, it may cost you extra.  But this will only apply if the Specialist you use charges more than the specified LMS Rate.

    Emergency Transport

    In addition, the scheme provides emergency transport services within South Africa’s borders.

    International Care

    Importantly, all members of Hospital Plus, Standard or Select quality for the scheme’s International Care Programme.

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