Hospital Plan Industry is Thriving

    June 1, 2016

    The hospital plan industry in SA is thriving, but there still seems to be a need for a decent cheap hospital plan. But they are popping up slowly but surely, you simply have to shop around for varying hospital plan quotes.

    What are Affordable Hospital Plans?

    While hospital plans are slowly growing in popularity, there remains confusion about what exactly a hospital plan in South Africa really is. Essentially there are 3 types of plans.

    Firstly, there is a medical fund that offers comprehensive cover for hospitalisation and procedures carried out there. Doctor’s visits and day-to-day medical expenses as well as prescribed medication expenses are included too. Most of the mainstream medical aids like Discovery Health and GEMS medical aid will offer this option.

    Then there is hospital cover from medical schemes and the hospital plan industry in the form of insurance companies. This covers hospital fees and the cost of specialists, although hospital plans from medical schemes offer several other

    Hospital Plan Industry

    Maybe you and yours will land up in hospital one day…

    benefits too.

    Simply compare their hospital plan quotes. To start just complete and submit the form on this page.

    The Hospital Plan Industry and Medical Aid Schemes

    By comparing hospital plans quotes, you’ll notice that these plans cost less than the fuller options that medical schemes like Momentum Health and Discovery Medical aid offer. But such plans offer limitations on cover offered. However, they’ll still cover prescribed minimum benefits to some extent.

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    The Benefits of Getting Hospital Plan Quotes

    Hospitalisation – due to unforeseen illness or an unfortunate accident – is expensive. If you’re no prepared for such expenses, it can ruin your family financially. And accidents happen in the blink of an eye, just take a look at our road accident statistics and death toll.

    Besides accidents, disease can strike anyone, anytime. The related costs can’t really be budgeted for and the disease may be life threatening if not properly treated. Support services like occupational therapy and physiotherapy may be needed. You may have to have x-rays and CAT scans.

    All of these procedures are costly so you need to ensure you seek hospital plan quotes that cover such costs, such as the Bonitas hospital plan. An affordable hospital plan will make a big difference in these situations.

    Cheap Hospital Plans

    You can’t buy health but you can certainly prepare for accidents and unfortunate events. The hospital plan industry is there to help you. This is why you should not be resistant to seeking an affordable hospital plan at the very least. If you’re worried about budgeting for a hospital plan, instead of having no cover rather review your fixed monthly expenses and your current budget and decide what you can afford. Keep your dependants, health, occupation and age in mind and review which hospital plan quotes will best match your and your family’s needs.

    Seeking hospital plan quotes is the best way to start the process once you have a budget in mind. Look to reputable medical aids like Discovery, Bonitas and Momentum that will offer good cover and value for your budget.

    We offer competitively priced and affordable quotes. Many hospital plans will include chronic cover too, so take a look around and find the perfect plan for you.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing