Bonitas Medical Aid

    August 28, 2014

    Life has its ups and downs and sometimes it throws you a curve. In circumstances that no one can predict, we become ill or are seriously injured. Having affordable Bonitas medical aid options can help with lessening the financial load we face when the risks of modern living take their toll on us.

    Having medical aid in South Africa is important because it will enable you to go to a private hospital – an essential need when you consider the shocking conditions of the public health system. People like choosing Bonitas Medical Aid because, as the 2nd largest registered open scheme in South Africa, they also have 31 years of experience behind them.

    Bonitas Medical Aid Protects you from Exorbitant Costs

    Bonitas Medical AidMany of the members of Bonitas are employees of large corporate organisations. They get to choose between the 7 different medical aid plans. The Bonitas Medical Aid options are BonCap, BonEssential, BonClassic, BonComprehensive, BonSave, Standard and Primary. Bonitas Medical Aid rates start with BonCap. Their cheapest option with a current premium in the region of R600 a month while BonComprehensive is the more expensive plan, giving you access to the best.

    With this elite medical plan you pay a current premium of about R3,000 per month, and for this you get Major Medical Benefits which includes hospital admissions, you get Chronic Medicine Benefits for 53 chronic conditions, you get Out of Hospital Benefits which covers day-to-day medical expenses such as GP consultations as well as Supplementary Benefits for those medical expenses incurred in or out of hospital.

    Always Compare Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

    When you compare medical aid schemes in South Africa, people avoid some of the other open health care policies such as Discovery Health because they use complex medical- and technical terms and people also believe they have hidden costs whereas Bonitas Medical Aid plans are straight forward and with no hidden costs. Their mission is to ensure their members enjoy affordable rates and that they know what they are covered for.

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    Discovery Medical Aid is South Africa’s largest medical aid with the widest range of health plans. Their Executive Plan is the most comprehensive cover. Currently the main member will pay about R4,100 per month for unlimited cover in any private hospital, full cover for chronic medicine for all CDL conditions, cover for medical emergencies when travelling as well as additional cover for GP consultation fees among other benefits. Fedhealth is a medical scheme that has been going for more than 75 years and their Maxima EntryZone is about R900 per month. Comparing medical aid South Africa rates, the Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme is one of the most affordable but where you still get to enjoy a host of benefits.

    Medical Insurance vs Medical Aid

    People looking for a medical aid like Bonitas often want to know the differences between a medical insurance vs medical aid . Medical Aid cover is based on tariff codes and procedures while health insurance is based on evens and stated benefits. Apart from the other differences, medical aid pays in-hospital benefits according to NHRPL while Health Insurance pays a stated amount according to the limit set out to cover specific events.

    A Value for Money Medical Plan

    Bonitas Medical Aid offers their members true value-for-money medical aid options. It is an excellent scheme for younger people, and this means lower annual increases in members’ contributions and with their large network of contracted doctors, this results in fewer member co-payments.

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