Fedhealth Blue Door Plus an affordable Entry-Level Plan

    November 13, 2015

    Fedhealth Blue Door Plus is a popular low cost hospital plan from Fedhealth.

    We all need medical aid in South Africa because with the cost of medical treatments and medicines spiraling out of control, public health care is the only other option – and a pretty dismal one at that.

    If you can’t afford an expensive medical aid, Fedhealth offers different medical aid plans which are vast and varied. One of their more affordable ones is their Blue Door Plus. This plan has no Overall Annual Limit and simply offers the right amount of cover and at the right price.

    At just R628pm, Blue Door Plus is Fedhealth’s entry-level, salary-banded option for those lower-income earners who haven’t had medical aid before. This particular option isn’t suited for those who already on a medical aid or those needing higher benefit requirements. Blue Door Plus is an idea option for companies looking to provide their staff with good medical cover – those who have never had any medical cover before. The plan offers superb value for money.

    Fedhealth Blue Door PlusFedhealth Blue Door Plus – A Host of Useful Benefits Waiting for You

    Fedhealth is a medical scheme in South Africa which is run by its members, for the members. They have 75 years in the South African healthcare market and they offer their members a host of unique and useful benefits which make them stand out as worthwhile. Apart from being able to upgrade whenever you wish during the year, they offer child rates for financially dependent children up to 27 years of age.

    Whats on Offer with Fedhealth Blue Door Plus

    ●  Unlimited hospitalisation at Blue Door Plus Network Hospitals and State Hospitals.
    ●  Unlimited GP consultations with any of the Blue Door contracted GPs.
    ●  Specialised radiology per family in hospital – up to R23 200 per family.
    ●  Emergency medical transport with Europ Assistance and anywhere in South Africa.
    ●  Take-home medication for 7 days.
    ●  Basic cover for dentistry and optometry.

    Other fantastic benefits with Fedhealth Blue Door Plus include –

    • Their Blue Door Baby Programme offers lots of discounts and incredible giveaways.
    • 24-Hour Fedhealth Nurseline.
    • Free trauma counselling where you’ll get helpful support.
    • Comprehensive HIV/AIDS and other disease management programme.

    Fedhealth Blue Door PlusFedhealth Blue Door Plus Partners

    Fedhealth Blue Door Plus has partnered with many different specialists to ensure that members have no co-payments when visiting a specialist. Blue Door Plus members are always referred to those specialists who form part of the Fedhealth Specialist partnership. Blue Door Plus members can contact the Fedhealth Provider Call Centre on 086 111 2666 to get details on these specialists.

    Fedhealth Blue Door Plus First Rate Medical Care

    There is no doubt that what sets Fedhealth apart as a scheme isn’t just their excellent medical aid options, but their host of value-added benefits. The fact that they pay more from Risk than other schemes is something really worthwhile for members as this ensures that with day-to-day medical spending you get so much more.

    Fedhealth Blue Door Plus Gives Access to Lots of Smart Options

    There are many medical aid plans available, representing different tiers of coverage. Fedhealth Blue Door Plus is a great entry level scheme you can upgrade at any time. Fedhealth offers everything, from their affordable Blue Door Plus to their hospital plans to their comprehensive medical plans, ensuring consumers have access to lots of smart options.

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