Medihelp Dimension 2 Hospital Plan for fairly Healthy Individuals and Families

    October 26, 2015

    Medihelp Dimension 2 is a popular medical plan from Medihelp.

    With medical aids only being affordable for the well-to-do in South Africa, hospital plans are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a much more affordable plan for those medical emergencies. With much lower premiums than a comprehensive medical plan, many healthcare companies offer hospital cash back plans as an added benefit to your hospital insurance policy.

    The Medihelp Dimension 2 plan caters for those out of pocket expenses of the individual and helps pay for medical expenses of the insured. More than 220 000 South Africans opt to go with Medihelp for their medical aid- and hospital plan needs. They are one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa, providing affordable but quality medical cover.

    Medihelp Dimension 2 – Different Choices for Different Budgets

    They offer 7 benefit options which offer varied medical coverage to different income groups. These options are Dimension Prime 1, Dimension Prime 2, Dimension Prime 3, Unify, Necesse, Medihelp Dimension 2 Hospital PlanDimension Elite, and Medihelp Plus.

    From R1 500 per month, the Medihelp Dimension 2 Hospital Plan offers flexibility and peace of mind. It is an option that provides comprehensive hospital cover, insured preventive care benefits and also the benefit of a savings account for all those everyday expenses.

    Medihelp Dimension 2 – A Savings Account for Additional Expenses

    Certainly with the Medihelp Dimension 2 Plan South Africans get to enjoy basic medical aid cover linked to a savings account for additional expenses. With the Dimension Prime range of benefit options, members have a choice between non-network options, but if they opt for the network version, they will benefit from even more reduced contributions. The network options are ideal for the fairly healthy and offer excellent hospitals and specialists.

    Benefits available don’t differ between the standard Dimension Prime benefit options and the network options – the difference is that members of the network options must use the network hospitals and designated specialists. The state is the designated provider for chronic PMB medicine.

    Let’s look at their preventive care benefits for instance –

    ●  Pregnancy and baby benefits:
    – 6 pregnancy consultations each year
    – 2 consultations for babies
    – sonars – 2 per year
    – immunisation for children up to 7 years.
    ●  Health tests – 1 combo test, prostate test, bone density test, HIV non-pathology test for beneficiaries, 1 FOBT for beneficiaries, l mammogram.
    ● Immunisation – 1 flu vaccine, 1 tetanus vaccine, a HPV vaccine, 1 Pneumovax vaccine.
    ● Back treatment programme – 1 document-based care back treatment programme per beneficiary per year.
    ● Healthprint Wellness Programme.

    The Medihelp Dimension 2 Plan offers unlimited hospital cover. It is particularly suitable for young families. In-hospital specialist bills are paid at 100% and co-payments are applied to specialised treatments such as radiology for instance and some other in-hospital procedures. Day to day claims are payable from savings and these funds can accumulate if they are not used for day to day claims. This plan simply caters for those individuals and families who require comprehensive cover against hospitalisation or medical emergencies.

    Medihelp Dimension 2 – Call Today for any Advice you Need

    Medihelp certainly provides enough medical options for you to choose according to your health and budget. If you want to know more about Dimension Prime 2 Hospital Plan, contact an experienced Medihelp consultant who will give you all the advise you require.They can be contacted by phoning them on 012 334 2000 or you can email them at

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