Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 Hospital Plan Not Just for the Wealthy

    October 22, 2015

    Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 is just one of the great hospital plans supplied by Medihelp.

    The way hospital plans in South Africa differ from medical aid plans is that they don’t cover out-of-hospital expenses. Hospital plans commonly work on cash payouts, paid directly into the patient’s account, which are useful for paying for medical costs. There are also hospital plans where payment is only made from a specific day in hospital. Everybody would like a medical aid, but the truth is, many South Africans choose hospital plans simply to avoid having to put themselves at the mercy of public hospitals where they are not sure if they will ever emerge alive again.

    One of the hospital plans which is of great interest to South Africans is Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 Hospital Plan. Medihelp is a financially stable medical scheme with the Global Credit Rating awarding Medihelp with an AA- rating for their excellent claims-paying ability. They manage the healthcare needs of some 200 000 lives, with their head office being in Pretoria.

    Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 Hospital PlanMedihelp Dimension Prime 1 – An Affordable Solution for the Healthy

    Members who opt for the affordable Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 Hospital Plan will need to be hospitalised in a network hospital if they want to avoid a 35% co-payment. For your convenience, the Medihelp website lists all the network hospitals and specialists. For R1 320 per month, members will discover that this particular hospital plan option delivers an affordable solution to the healthy. It is a hospital plan for those who are looking for good hospital cover, along with the added value of access to insured preventive care and a pooled day-to-day benefits.

    The preventive care benefits of the Dimension Prime 1 hospital plan is designed so that you prevent potential┬áhealth problems, enhancing your available day-to-day benefits. The hospital plan also offers great pregnancy and baby benefits such as 12 pregnancy consultations per family per year. You can also benefit from immunisations such as a flu vaccine, tetanus-, HPV etc. With a Back Treatment- and a Healthprint Wellness Programme, Medihelp’s Hospital Plan is all about added-value.

    Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 – Medihelp’s hospital plans Not for the Wealthy

    The Dimension Prime range of benefit options gives members choices. Members can choose between the freedom of using any private hospital for certain procedures, or reduced subscription fees when choosing the hospital network version of the option. Members of the network option will need to make sure they use the a hospital within the network for planned procedures. Compared to Discovery’s hospital plan, you’ll discover jolly good value with the Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 plan. For an emergency, the member on the network option may be admitted to a private hospital without having to make a co-payment. Check out the list of hospitals for the Dimension Prime Network available on Medihelp’s website.


    The Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 plan isn’t a plan reserved exclusively for the wealthy. It is one of the most affordable options on the market. The Medihelp Dimension Prime 1 offers superb care in private hospitals and the plan also provides for preventive care benefits. Isn’t it time you put your fears of never coming out of a public hospital to rest? With this affordable hospital plan you can go into a private hospital and live to tell the tale.

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