Medihelp Necesse Still a Great Deal

    October 21, 2015

    Medihelp is a medical aid scheme – one of the largest in South Africa – and Medihelp Necesse is one of its most popular products.

    Medihelp has been going for over 100 years and is still among the best in the country. Medihelp offers its clients high quality yet affordable medical cover. This makes sense seeing that they offer cover to more than 200 000 South Africans. Because South Africa’s healthcare industry is a challenging one to work in with many obstacles, medical aid schemes need to get the right balance in offering healthcare to South Africans that is accessible and affordable.

    You can have peace of mind with Medihelp as they comply with all relevant legislation. Not only that, a scheme such as Medihelp needs to be and is aware that customers are constantly looking around for better prices, better options, etc. For this reason Medihelp offers innovative and attractive products like Medihelp Necesse as well as excellent customer service – it’s the Medihelp Necessereason their customers keep loyal to them.

    Medihelp Necesse – Customer satisfaction is important to Medihelp

    Medihelp offers its customers a whole range of wonderful benefit options to suit its many customer’s lifestyles and also their financial pockets. They understand that in order to maintain and grow their membership base that they need to continually work at maintaining consistency in what they offer.

    Medihelp has many wonderful options to suit its wide customer ranges. These are:

    • Medihelp Necesse Network Option
    • Dimension Prime 1 which is an affordable hospital plan
    • Dimension Prime 2 which is a hospital plan with a savings account
    • Dimension Prime 3 which comes with added benefits
    • Dimension Elite which is a comprehensive medical aid cover
    • Medihelp Plus


    Medihelp Necesse is about Necessity – Get Covered Today

    With the wonderful Medihelp Necesse network option, you are afforded private healthcare which is making medical care more accessible. Medihelp Necesse is a very affordable network option that offers access to quality healthcare services from the Prime Cure network of general practitioners, dentists, optometrists and pharmacies, and you also benefit from comprehensive cover for medical emergencies via Netcare 911.

    Add to this contracted specialist services and hospital benefits from the Prime Cure network of private and public hospitals. Affordability is always one of the key factors when a person chooses a medical scheme for themselves. With customer satisfaction being so important to Medihelp, they have enhanced their product range by including the Medihelp Necesse option. This is their longest running option.

    Medihelp Necesse focuses specifically on affordability, but still promising care and quality. If you subscribe to this option, you will notice there are three income categories. These ensure that the lower income earners also have access to quality healthcare. Medihelp Necesse promises outstanding network service for day to day benefits, as well as hospitalisation and medicines. On the Medihelp Necesse option, you can be assured of –

    ●   more than 1200 doctors
    ●   more than 1000 dentists
    ●   more than 2000 optometrists
    ●   more than 120 private facilities for members
    ●   transport for emergency cases from ER24
    ●   acute medicines are available from the network of dispensing doctors or from Medihelp pharmacies.

    It’s no wonder the Medihelp Necesse option is sought after by thousands of South Africans. They recognise affordability combined with quality and care, and certainly value for their money.

    Medihelp Necesse – Get peace of mind

    You can find out all about Medihelp’s wonderful achievements as well as how the medical aid operates to suit your kind of lifestyle. There are thousands of very happy customers because the customer is the centre of Medihelp’s focus. They keep their customers happy and they are rewarded with customer loyalty. That’s really what it’s all about.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing