Genesis Hospital Plans

    September 23, 2015

    The cost of a stay in a private hospital in South can break you financially and a stay in a state hospital in South Africa may send you to an early grave. Just a night or two in a good hospital can give you a bill of thousands of Rands. Because a comprehensive medical aid is becoming out of reach for many South Africans, they are starting to give plans such as Genesis hospital plans more consideration. Genesis hospital plans don’t cover all the expenses that most people would like but they do save you from a lot of financial grief.

    Genesis Medical Scheme – Rated as one of the most Successful

    Genesis Medical Scheme is known to provide exceptional healthcare funding benefits and always at affordable rates, and they offer hospital plans as well. Genesis is rated as a leading medical scheme offering exceptional value for money. They are not as well known as Discovery Health but they are sound and established and offers other perks not known to Discovery and other medical aids.

    Genesis Hospital PlansSince 1995, Genesis has been providing healthcare funding for accidents, illness or disease. They simply provide exceptional benefits at affordable prices. Small wonder they have been rated as one of the most successful schemes in South Africa, measured by their ability to pay claims as well as the benefits provided.

    Genesis Hospital Plans – Unlimited Hospital Cover with a Low Budget

    The reason Genesis as a whole is more popular than other medical schemes is that they are in the region of 31% cheaper than equivalent options offered by other open medical schemes in South Africa. In fact the medical aid’s entry-level hospital plan, known as Private Choice, is a huge drawcard for South Africans.

    Genesis hospital plans actually include two options – Genesis Private Choice and Genesis Private. With Private Choice you get to choose any state- or private hospital with total amount paid, hospital bills paid, medical evacuation, basic dentistry, major illness such as stroke, cancer or organ transplant. The Genesis Private allows you more benefits simply because you are paying more.

    The Private Choice option, at R900 per adult per month is the ideal choice for those with limited disposable income. It is ideal for those wanting a good hospital plan which includes additional benefits for basic dentistry. Another benefit with this reasonable medical aid is that you will only be paying R320 per month for your first dependent child, while all other child dependents will only cost R185 each per month.

    The Private Choice Hospital Plan covers –

    ●   emergency medical evacuation
    ●   limited in-hospital coverage for certain of the main medical illnesses
    ●   cover for 25 chronic conditions

    Another reason why Genesis Hospital Plans are so popular is that it is one of the few medical schemes offering generous dentistry benefits with its hospital plan. These dental benefits are available on the scheme’s two hospital plans and includes R25 000 per beneficiary per annum. Basic dentistry benefits on Genesis are covered from members’ risk benefits, and this means that members don’t have to pay for basic dentistry from their medical savings accounts, or their own pockets.|

    Genesis Hospital Plans – Be Prepared for the Unexpected

    An accident or disease requiring hospitalisation can strike out of the blue, and the costs involved for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or even a couple of months in hospital may well mean you putting your house on the market to pay your bills. These are the kinds of costs nobody budgets for.

    Why not rather look at affordable Genesis hospital plans now? Good health is priceless, but even though you can’t buy health, you can certainly buy a hospital plan from Genesis that will offer good cover so that you don’t have to stare poverty in the face.

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