Choosing a Medical Plan

    August 31, 2015

    There are many factors that you must put into consideration when choosing a medical plan that is best suited to your needs. Is the insurance policy being offered by a medical scheme or a short-term company? This is important as short-term insurance plans tend to offer fewer benefits as they are not governed by the Medical Schemes Act. This means they are not subject to the minimum benefits that it stipulates. Another reason short-term insurance policies offer less benefits is the high commissions they pay out.

    Choosing a Medical Plan – Size Does Matter

    Another important consideration when choosing a medical plan is the size of the provider. Large schemes will be able to service many claims as they have a larger pool of contributors. The last thing you need when you have a medical emergency is to worry whether your medical Choosing a Medical Planaid scheme has the money to pay your bills. Definitely look to the larger medical schemes when choosing a medical plan – schemes such as Discovery, Liberty Health Selfmed and Momentum.

    Choosing a medical plan – recommended plans

    Having said that we have come up with a few products that meet the above criteria and offer great value for money Consider them when choosing a medical plan. They are Momentum Health and Resolution Health’s hospital plans, Bonitas’ Essential Option and the Classical Core, Coastal Core and other products offered by Discovery Health. These policies are preferable as they will pay 100% of the scheme rate meaning if you go to the healthcare providers within their network, you will not need to pay from your pocket.

    Choosing a Medical Plan – About Specialists

    If you visit hospitals or specialists not in the network you will have to pay out of your pocket unless you have medical gap cover. Choosing a medical plan can be easy. Just complete the form on this page and submit it to get hospital plan quotes.

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