Minimum Fuss with Exceptional Cover from Prime Meridian

    September 18, 2015

    A hospital plan isn’t a medical aid, but with the high rise in medical costs and medical aid premiums, more South Africans are looking at hospital plans in a new hopeful light. Hospital plans provide cover for when you are hospitalised, but without those day-to-day costs covered that you get with a comprehensive medical aid plan. For cash strapped South Africans, they are finding that their medical aid plans, in spite of them paying high premiums, come with restrictive regulations. So a Prime Meridian hospital plan is an easier option.

    Prime Meridian Hospital Plan – A Hospital Plan for the People

    Only being covered for certain surgical procedures makes many South Africans wonder what they’re paying medical aid for in the first place. Certainly if you are a fairly fit and healthy person, a hospital plan can be a wise option. With most comprehensive medical aids being too Prime Meridian Hospital Planexpensive for most individuals or families to contend with, Prime Meridian has stepped in to offer a hospital plan that most people can afford.

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    For as little as R3 a day, South Africans are able to invest in the Prime Meridian Hospital Plan, allowing them to benefit from as much as R4000 a day should they be hospitalised. Let’s take a look at what the Prime Meridian Hospital Plan offers you –

    • you get covered for hospitalisation for accidents or illness
    • pre-existing conditions are included after 24 months
    • you aren’t required to have a medical examination
    • immediate cover for hospitalisation as a result of accidents – full cover after 12 months
    • seniors plan available anyone up to 75 years of age
    • maternity complication benefits
    • permanent disability benefits up to R50 000
    • most pre-existing conditions are covered
    • 25% more cover when treated in ICU
    • family plans cover you, your partner and up to 3 kids up to the age of 18
    • HIV/Aids covered after 24 months where contracted after commencement of policy

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    Prime Meridian Hospital Plan – Cheap Hospital Cover from a Reputable Provider

    Prime Meridian is an insurance company offering simple but solid insurance solutions to those who want to protect themselves from having to find pots of money to pay for a hospital stay than can be days, weeks or a month. By insuring yourself with a cheap Prime Meridian hospital plan from a reputable insurance company such as Prime Meridian, you get that much desired peace of mind.

    Some of the other benefits which come with the Prime Meridian Hospital Plus Plan are –

    • hospitalisation for illness is covered after 6 months
    • cover for your spouse and up to 4 children up to the age of 21
    • you get 35% more when treated in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • HIV/Aids contracted after start of policy is covered after 12 month

    By paying just R3,00  day, you don’t h ave to be one of the millions of people without medical insurance. Prime Meridian’s Hospital Plan will assure you are well looked after by skilled medical professionals while recovering from an illness or accident.


    Make sure you’re covered – at an unbelievably affordable price. To apply for this hospital plan, simply sms the word ‘hospi’ to 40962 now – how easy is that.

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