Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover

    August 19, 2015

    Metropolitan is a leading financial services company in South Africa with 114 years behind them of empowering customers to carve out a better future for themselves. The company offers a number of hospital and retirement products as well as funeral and savings products to give customers peace of mind for the future. With head offices in Cape Town and operating in Southern Africa, their mission is to serve the people of these regions by providing them with affordable financial solutions. Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover is one such product.

    Non-Medical Aid Expenses Taken Care of

    Metropolitan knows too well that a stint in hospital could be so costly that it could mean you Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Coverhaving to sell your house to pay for the costs. The Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover gives access to that much-needed cash when you are hospitalised and the medical bills are mounting up. With the Metropolitan cash back hospital cover, those non-medical expenses during a hospital stay are covered. There are some medical expenses which aren’t covered by medical aid, and this cash pay-out can pay for these medical expenses.

    Who Benefits from Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover

    ●  you can decide to just cover yourself
    ●  yourself and one partner
    ●  yourself and as many as 10 children
    ●  yourself, your partner and all your children – up to 10 kids
    ●  parents and parents-in-law

    Unless hospitalisation is as a result of an accident, with the Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover, for new policies, there will be a waiting period of 6 months even though you pay your premiums. Once you have received your Welcome Letter from Metropolitan, you can however cancel your Hospital Cash Back within 30 days if you are not interested in continuing with it. The request to cancel should be in writing.

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    Most people however, want to go ahead with the policy because of the distinct advantages and benefits. Some of these are –

    ●  Hospital Cash benefit – you enjoy a daily benefit of up to R4 000
    ●  Intensive Care Unit benefit – you will get paid double the daily benefit amount for each full day spent in ICU
    ●  CashBack benefit – you qualify for the Loyalty- and No-claim bonus every 3 years if you have paid all your premiums. These 2 bonuses are each equal to 10X your daily benefit amount. You qualify for the No-claim bonus if you never claimed for yourself or your immediate family. If you made claims for your parents, you will be entitled to receive the No-claim bonus.
    ●  Hello Doctor benefit – you will be able to enjoy medical advice from registered medical doctors around the clock through a text service, email or phone call.Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover

    Other Benefits Enhance Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover

    For starters, premiums for hospital cash back plans are more affordable than conventional medical aid. The entire family can be taken care of under the same scheme. Other additional benefits enhance the cashback cover.

    Automatic Inflation Management benefit – inflation won’t affect your cover and you can opt to increase your policy premium as well as your daily benefit amount each year.
    Accident benefits – Metropolitan Cash Back Hospital Cover will pay an additional R50 000 to any other benefit amount if your or your life partner dies in an accident and R100 000 if both of your die in an accident. If you die, Metropolitan will pay the premiums on your behalf. All members will continue to enjoy cover up to the original end date of the policy. Should you not die, but are disabled because of the accident, Metropolitan will pay a percentage of R50 000 according to the severity of the injuries and disability.
    Metropolitan Family Funeral Benefit – you can cover up to 6 individuals with the maximum cover for each member being R10 000.

    Your 11th Hour Payout

    With the Metropolitan Hospital Cash Back Hospital Cover plan you get reprieve in the form of financial support. When a member of the scheme is hospitalised, instead of frantically putting your house on the market to get the funds to pay for hospitalisation, you get a lump sum paid out in your hour of need.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing