Access Great Benefits with the Best Hospital Plans in South Africa

    May 29, 2015

    Don’t ever take good health for granted. The best hospital plans in South Africa are one way of looking out for your health – the greatest asset than all the wealth in the world. Fortunately in South Africa, we have lots of health care options which include great affordable hospital plans. Individual health insurance is for those who are self employed and who don’t receive coverage from an employer, but who still need a health plan.

    The best hospital plans in South Africa are attractive for cash strapped people who find that comprehensive medical cover has become an expensive purchase that they can ill afford. The plans are looked upon as entry level medical plans because they are the cheapest among all the different medical schemes.

    Hospital Plans in South Africa

    The best hospital plans in South Africa are particularly attractive to those who are fairly healthy – people who aren’t spending much for their health care. Look at Momentum Health – they offer Best Hospital Plans in South Africaa low-cost medical aid plan which comes with a hospital plan at the Access Network of medical facilities and without a general yearly limitation. Bestmed Medical Scheme for instance offers some of the best hospital plans in South Africa . Their Beat range plan for instance is an ideal solution for those people looking for straightforward hospital plans. Discovery Medical Aid also offers very attractive hospital plans, and with more than 2.5 million members they are the largest medical aid scheme in the country.

    With standard hospital plan South African cover you get plans which cover basic hospital expenses as well as the anaesthetist and surgeon. A hospital plan won’t cover you if you are an outpatient. Most of the major medical schemes in South Africa offer hospital plans which cater for lower-income earners. The best hospital plans in South Africa are perfect for anyone earning a lower-range salary but who wants to take advantage of the emergency cover available.

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    It can’t be emphasised enough that it is far better to get a hospital plan from a registered medical scheme than one from an insurance company. The reason for this is that medical schemes are obliged by law to cover the a host of treatments whereas insurance companies aren’t obligated to do this. Their policies only include the cost of a stay in hospital.

    Medical aids in South Africa

    Being a member of a medical aid in South Africa is expensive. You can make use of government hospitals and doctors, but this will likely make you more sick than you were before. If your finances are tight, the best hospital plans in South Africa are preferable to a full-cover medical aid. If you have a bit of money, a medical scheme will give you more peace of mind however. Two leading medical aids which offer some of the best hospital plans in South Africa are –

    ●   Discovery Health – with a goal to be the insurance organisation in the world, Discovery offers the best hospital plan in South Africa. They offer 100% private in-hospital cover. Their affordable hospital plan will give a choice of hospitals where a certain pricing has been agreed upon. A co-payment will be required if you wish to go to another hospital outside the selected group.

    ●   FedHealth – considered to another best medical aid in South Africa, Fedhealth’s Maxima EntryZone is a medical aid option which gives comprehensive in-hospital cover with useful benefits such as free annual flu vaccines as well as a free GP visit each year.

    Compare insurance quotes South Africa

    To get the best hospital plans in South Africa, compare insurance quotes and choose the hospital plan which meets your specific needs. Look carefully at the benefits each plan offers. Be careful to look at the small print to take note of exclusions. Fill in one form online, and you’ll get comparative quotes. The massive competition between the hospital plans will mean lower premiums and a better service to you.

    The Best Hospital Plans in South Africa Exclusive to Medical Aid Members

    The secret to choosing the best hospital plans in South Africa is to check out your medical requirements in line with the budget you have. Certainly, straightforward hospital plans give you a little more leeway with your medical budget. The hospital plans which are provided as part of comprehensive medical aid cover are your best bet. They will give you more benefits, more cover and more peace of mind than the stand-alone plans.

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