Why a Sanlam Hospital Plan is a Good Option

    April 19, 2015

    The Sanlam Hospital Plan has a good range of benefits for a competitively priced product. If you need to stick closely to a budget the Cashback Plan is cost effective but offers extensive cover to your entire family in the event of an emergency.

    The Sanlam hospital plan provides policy holders with protection, flexibility, and security and helps you deal with unexpected costs arising from and accident or illness that needs hospitalisation.

    The Sanlam hospital cover plan contains the following:

    • Death benefit
    • Hospital Cash benefit
    • Catastrophe benefit
    • Lifestyle benefit
    • Loss of Income benefit
    • Inflation protector
    • Unemployment and pregnancy payment holiday
    • Cash Back benefit
    • No More Premiums benefit

    Sanlam Hospital Plan Key Benefits

    Hospital Cash Benefit

    No one likes to think of going into hospital but we all run the risk of illness or serious accident Sanlam Healthand may even need surgical interventions. The Hospital Cash Benefit helps pay for day to day living expenses while you are unable to work. It pays a daily amount to cover your usual bills for yourself and your family. If you add your spouse and children to the policy you will receive benefits forthem as well should they be admitted to hospital or require an operation. The amount is paid on a daily basis and it increases by 50 percent if you are admitted to ICU.

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    Benefits are paid out for three consecutive days and where you or your spouse needs to stay in for more than 20 days, Loss of Income benefits apply as well.

    Other Benefits from Sanlam Medical Aid

    Sanlam offers more peace of mind to members at what can only be difficult and challenging times:

    • Death benefit– cover provides help for those left behind dealing with the increase in costs. Loved ones are provided with enough cash to cover immediate expenses such as funerals.
    • Cash Back benefit – members receive cash back rewards every five years if they do not claim on the policy during the period in question. The amount paid equals a full years premiums.
    • Inflation Protector–choose between either 5 of 10 percent to protect yourself against increases in the value of your premium
    • No More Premiums benefit – if you are protecting your family, and you die, the policy ensures that your family’s premiums are paid for life.

    Other Hospital Plan Options

    The Discovery Medical aid plan offers a range of benefits that differ from those that come with the Sanlam hospital plan. It doesn’t pay out cash benefits but provides you with full cover during a hospital stay caused by illness or emergency. Similar benefits Are also found with the Fedhealth hospital plan, the Momentum Health and Bonitas Hospital Plans.

    Potential members should take an early decision about whether they would prefer a cash pay-out or full hospital cover as their principal membership benefit.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing