Momentum Medical Aid

    August 24, 2020

    Momentum is one of South Africa’s leading insurance providers. The company was founded in 1966       and has grown far beyond ZA ever since. Their goal is to help people achieve their aspirations. Through their range of medical aid products they aim to help you access your ideal level of healthcare. Whether you’re just getting your career going or already have a mature family, they have a product for you. Whether you need just outpatient cover or more comprehensive cover, they have a product tailored for you. If you send an enquiry by email, they will send you a quote online.

    Below are the healthcare plans Momentum has:

    Summit Option: This is the most expensive of Momentum’s medical aid options. With this policy you will have extensive cover for in-hospital as well as for day-to-day treatment. The Summit option also covers treatment of up to 26 conditions listed under Prescribed Medical Benefits. You will be covered for treatment of 36 additional conditions provided the cost doesn’t exceed R25,900 for your entire family.

    As part of the day-to-day benefits you will be covered for visits to any specialists or general practitioners. You don’t have to worry if they’re in Momentum’s network of providers. You and your dependents will each get eye care benefits to a limit of R4,530 along with basic dentistry to a limit of R25,900 per person. Treatment for mental health conditions will be covered to a limit of R21,200 per family.

    When you’re hospitalized you will enjoy a host of benefits including:

    • High dependency and intensive care treatment with no annual limit
    • Receive organ transplants with no annual limit
    • MRI, CT, PET scans with no annual limit
    • Dialysis sessions with no annual limit


    Extender Option: This cover, as the name suggests, offers extended cover after your policy limit has been reached. You can get in-patient treatment at any private hospital without an annual limit. If you get treatment from specific private hospitals, Momentum will give you a discount on your contributions. When getting treatment for chronic conditions you can do the same. You can visit any doctor and get your medication from any pharmacy. But if you use Momentum’s list of associated doctors and get medication from Medipost courier pharmacies, you get a discount.

    In-hospital care will be covered if you visit an associated specialist. If you visit other specialists, you will be covered up to 200% of the Momentum health rate. There will be no limit on your annual cover for maternal care as well as intensive care treatment. You will have a limit of R500,000 for cancer treatment per year. If you exceed this limit, you will still be covered. But you will have to provide a 20% co-payment when going for treatment.

    Ingwe Option: If you’re just starting out in employment, this medical aid option is ideal for you. This is because it covers you for both inpatient and day-to-day treatment with very manageable contributions. If you get treatment from the Ingwe Network of providers, you will be treated without an annual limit. If you use state facilities, your contributions can be even lower.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing