Profmed Benefits Professional South Africans And Their Families

    August 29, 2020

    As the name suggests, Profmed is a medical scheme that caters to South Africa’s professionals. To be considered a professional under this scheme, you must have vocational experience of a few years. You also must have obtained at least the tertiary level of education. Students on the way to becoming professionals are provided for by Profmed as well.

    Profmed’s plans go over and above the cover you will get from your average provider. They provide medical aid cover for medical emergencies while traveling outside South Africa. If you suffer an injury while engaged in leisure sport, Profmed will cover your bills. Let us have a deeper look at Profmed’s plans and the benefits members can expect.

    Propinnacle & Propinnacle Savvy 2020

    With this plan, you will be fully covered for hospitalisation. You won’t have to worry about making co-payments unless you’re hospitalised in a non-network facility. There are many healthcare facilities and specialists in the Savvy network covering every province in the country.


    During hospitalisation you will be covered for consultations and procedures up to 300 percent of the Profmed rate. And you will enjoy the comfort of a private ward even when hospitalised for maternity treatment.

    In addition to this, you will enjoy a number of outpatient benefits. This includes provision for MRI and CT scans. Medication, including medicines for more than 50 chronic conditions, is covered under the Propinnacle and Propinnacle Savvy plans. You will be covered for visits to the dentist or eye care specialists.

    You will also be covered for preventative care from specific providersas well as for international travel.

    ProSecure Plus & ProSecure Plus Savvy 2020

    This plan is targeted at offering both hospitalisation and day-to-day benefits to young families. For a lower tariff than the Propinnacle plan, you will enjoy the same level of benefits but with slightly less coverage. For instance, instead of cover for 58 chronic conditions, ProSecure Plus only covers 40 conditions.

    You will still be covered fully for hospitalisation in the Savvy network. However, stays in private wards will be only for post-delivery during maternity. Maternity coverage will have a few restrictions and the limit for doctor consultations will be slightly lower. But you still get most of the coverage of the Propinnacle plan.

    ProActive Plus & ProActive Plus Savvy 2020

    This plan is for young people just getting into the job market. Their medical needs are low and their income levels are also not high. They won’t need as much coverage from their cover and therefore can pay lower premiums. You will still be covered for hospital visits for facilities in the Savvy network. But when it comes to medication for chronic conditions, only 26 conditions are covered. Admission to private wards is not covered in this plan.

    The limit for outpatient consultations is a bit lower but the other benefits are more or less the same. You will still be covered for medical emergencies that happen during international travel. You will also be entitled to preventative care and contraceptives.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing