Health Plans From GetSavvi Health

    August 22, 2020

    GetSavvi Health is on a mission to give all South Africans access to affordable health plans. Their mission was born from the great needs for chronic ailment treatment in the country. Millions of South Africans need HIV/AIDS or diabetes treatment, but not all can access it. Indeed, many of them cannot even afford basic medical aid. GetSavvi exists to enable every South African to get treatment regardless of their level of income. Anyone who needs it should be able to get quality healthcare.

    With this in mind GetSavvi has come up with a range of health plans. These plans are designed to cover the most essential health services. They cover treatment when you’re hospitalised as well as day-to-day treatment.Affordable Health Plans for South Africans GetSavvi is not a medical insurance provider and doesn’t underwrite the products it sells. You can think of them more as brokers. Based on their extensive knowledge of the health insurance industry, they can offer cover that best suits your needs. This cover comes in the shape of four plans. These are explained below:

    Health Plans from GetSavvi

    Get Care Plan: This is the most basic form of cover you can get from GetSavvi. It is mainly meant to cater for emergency hospitalisation. However, it comes with a few other benefits as listed below:

    • An emergency casual benefit of up to R6,680 for the insured individual every year.
    • Inpatient treatment in a hospital following an accident for up to R126,000
    • Maternity cover of up to R20,000 for normal birth and R30,000 for Caesarian delivery.
    • Consultations with a gynaecological doctor.
    • Ultrasound scans pertaining to childbirth.
    • HIV test and starter anti-retroviral treatment after exposure.
    • 24/7/365 trauma counselling on phone.


    Primary Care Plan: This plan is tailored to take care of day-to-day care. You can choose to pay premiums as a single member or a family. The former will, of course, be slightly higher than the latter. It comes with the below benefits:

    • Unlimited consultation visits to your GP.
    • Access to medicine for acute ailment and chronic ailments.
    • Similar maternity benefits to the Get Care Plan.
    • Basic and emergency dental care.
    • Netcare 911 emergency services 24 hours a day
    • Access to a 24-hour HIV, trauma and assault hotline.
    • HIV test, anti-retroviral and STD medication after a traumatic experience.
    • A family funeral cover


    Primary Care Plan+: This cover more or less combines the benefits of the above two plans. You will have access to both quality day-to-day treatment and emergency hospitalisation benefits. You will be covered for treatment in hospital after an accident for up to R126,000. The maternity benefits will be the same as described above. It also offers the benefits of a family funeral cover.

    Primary Care Plan 61+: In terms of premiums, this is the most costly of the GetSavvi plans. Like the other Primary Care plans, this plan covers unlimited doctors’ visits. Chronic and acute medication is also covered. You will have access to basic and emergency dentistry as well as blood tests. Netcare 911 emergency services 24 hours a day will also be covered.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing