Ten Cheapest Hospital Plans in South Africa

    August 21, 2019

    Hospital plans are hugely popular in South Africa and a very good option for those who cannot afford a comprehensive medical aid plan. Not surprisingly the ten cheapest hospital plans are offered by leading companies that also offer excellent medical aid options.

    South Africa’s Ten Cheapest Hospital Plans

    1. Discovery
    2. Liberty
    3. Momentum
    4. Genesis
    5. Medshield
    6. Bonitas
    7. Medihelp
    8. Selfmed
    9. Bestmed
    10. Sizwe

    Discovery Hospital Plans

    Discovery Health has a range of different medical aid plans  that include both in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. Their “best value” hospital plans are the Core Series – which covers in-hospital costs as well as the costs of chronic medicine, and cover for medical emergencies Ten Cheapest Hospital Plansexperienced when travelling, and the KeyCare Series that offers unlimited hospital cover in the company’s hospital network. Essential chronic medication (as per their chronic disease list conditions), specialists, as well as general practitioner (GP) consultations, X-rays, blood tests and certain medicines are also covered.

    Liberty Medical Schemes for Hospitals

    Liberty has a large stable of medical aid schemes  based on the premise that they provide medical aid that fits all members. The differences between the schemes offered relate simply to monthly payment fees and the amount of cover that is offered. There are three hospital plansthat offer good value: Hospital Plus – which allows you to choose any hospital, Hospital Standard – a hospital plan that doesn’t include other benefits, and Hospital Select which is the least expensive hospital plan offered by the company, and which forces members to use network hospitals.

    Momentum Health Hospital Schemes

    Momentum Health has six medical aid options , some of which focus on affordable in-hospital care without perks and additional cover that inevitably increases monthly contributions. The two that offer best value for money are Access, that has no annual limit for private hospital careTen Cheapest Hospital Plans in the prescribed network, and Ingwe, which offers up to R1 million hospital cover, also in a prescribed network of private hospitals.

    Genesis Hospital Plan

    Genesis is regarded as a top medical aid company that offers some of the best prices – some of which are nearly a third cheaper than other medical aids. Genesis has two hospital plans, the entry-level Private Choice, and slightly more expensive Private scheme. Private Choice includes in-hospital cover for 25 chronic conditions as well as emergency medical evacuation and some dentistry. The Private option offers unlimited care in hospital and covers three major illnesses: cancer, stroke and organic transplant that the cheaper Private Choice option doesn’t cover.

    Medshield Medical Aid Products

    Medshield has eight options, some focusing on in-hospital cover and some offering cover both in and out of hospital. The company’s Standard Benefit Option provides unlimited hospital cover within its network, along with medicine cover, maternity benefits, oncology cover and ambulance services. It even has wellness benefits.

    Ten Cheapest Hospital Plans in South Africa

    Bonitas Medical Aid

    Bonitas offers seven medical aid plans that include several that focus on hospital plans. Both BonEssential and BonCap policies primarily provide hospital care, and both have premiums that are affordable either for families or pensioners. Their Core Plus Benefit Option is similar, but costs and offers more.

    Medihelp Medical Aid and Hospital Plans

    Medihelp has five main plans including Dimension Prime 1, a very good hospital plan that incorporates benefits for preventive care. Members may choose whether to use network hospitals, or whether they are willing to pay an extra 20 percent so they can have a wider choice.

    Selfmed Offers Simple Medical Aid Schemes

    Selfmed has severalhospital plans included in its five medical scheme products. The MEDXXI Hospital Plan provides unlimited hospital cover in any hospitals, while Selfsure adds day-to-day benefits to hospital care. The network options, which include hospital cover, are essentially comprehensive plans, so not limited to hospital cover.

    Bestmed Hospital Plans

    Bestmed has three primary medical aid products – Beat, Pace and Pulse – each of which has a number of different options, and all of which have some kind of hospital plan, with or without out-of-hospital benefits.

    Sizwe Medical Aid Options

    Like all the other companies featured in the top ten list of best value hospital plans, Sizwe offers a number of different options – five in all. All have some form of hospital cover, with or without other benefits. Use the form above this article to find the ten cheapest hospital plans in SA.


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