Metropolitan Future Builder Hospital Cash Plan

    September 10, 2019

    What is the Metropolitan Future Builder Cash Back Plan?

    A hospital cash back plan is a short-term policy that takes the form of a cash benefit when you are hospitalised. The Metropolitan Future Builder Cash Back Plan pays out a lump sum and depends on the number of 24-hour days you spend in hospital.

    This policy is not like a hospital plan from a medical aid. It is not a medical aid but can complement your existing scheme benefits.

    • It is a type of income protection plan, taking the place of the income you could lose if you are hospitalised.
    • The Cash Back plan can pay for the shortfall that the medical aid does not cover.
    • It can pay for the other expenses that you may incur when you are in the hospital. For example, a nanny for small children, petrol for someone else who needs to transport children to and from activities, and other things that seem always to crop up.
    • Even perhaps a holiday, or a set of golf-clubs.


    Why choose the Metropolitan Future Builder Cash Back Plan?

    Metropolitan Future Builder Cash Back Hospital Plan

    Metropolitan is a leading financial services provider in South Africa. They have 114 years experience in helping their clients plan a better future for themselves.

    • The daily benefit can be up to R4,000, depending on your premium.
    • They also have a cash-back benefit:
    • A no-claim bonus if you or your immediate family do not put in a claim for three years. This bonus is equal to 10x your daily benefit.
    • A loyalty bonus which is also equal to 10x your daily benefit. You will get a payout if you keep your premiums fully paid up at all times.
    • You may cover yourself, your partner, and up to 10 children. And you may also cover your parents and parents-in-law.
    • A waiting period of 6 months is necessary before you may claim.
    • Your daily benefit is doubled if you spend time in ICU.
    • Hullo Doctor benefit allows you to get advice from registered medical doctors 24 hours a day. That may be done via text message, e-mail, or a phone call.
    • You may choose to increase your premium as well as your daily benefit on the anniversary date of your policy. That enables you to keep up with inflation.
    • If you pass away, Metropolitan will pay your premiums for the rest of the family, until the policy expires.
    • If you die as a result of an accident, Metropolitan will add R50 000 to your other benefits. And if your partner dies at the same time, Metropolitan will add R100 000.
    • No medical examination is necessary.
    • To submit a claim which is completed after you are discharged –

    — Submit your final hospital bill.

    — A doctor’s report of the stay in a hospital.

    — The claim form.

    Why Get It?

    So get a Metropolitan Future builder Cash Back Plan
    A stay in hospital can be extremely costly. Especially when the bills start mounting up. Contact Metropolitan today. Their Future Builder Hospital Cash Back Plan will give you peace of mind when a stint in hospital catches you unexpectedly.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing