Clientele Health Event Life Plans  

    July 28, 2020

    Clientele Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P) are designed to cater for unexpected expenses that may crop up while members are being treated in hospital. Would-be members should note that these plans are not meant to substitute a regular hospital plan. It provides a cash payout to cater for expenses over and above your medical scheme.

    There are four levels of  Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P.) from Clientele: Standard, Ultimate, Premium and Accident Plus. Each of these has different contribution amounts and benefits.

    Standard Health Event Life Plan (H.E.L.P.) 

    With this plan, you will be entitled to a payout of up to R20,000 every year if you’re admitted for more than 72 hours. Daily you will be entitled to a cash benefit of up to R2,000. A cover of R200,000 will be available to you in the event of a fatality or disability caused by an accident. You will be entitled to cover of the same limit in the event you or any beneficiary gets a Dread Disease.

    Among the add-on benefits members under this plan enjoy are emergency ambulance and flight services, trauma counseling and HIV support. You will also have a 24-hour emergency helpline at your disposal. Up to four children can be beneficiaries under this plan.

    Health Event Life Plans from Clientele is Health Insurance

    Ultimate Health Event Life Plan (H.E.L.P.) 

    The Clientele Health Ultimate Health Event Life Plan (H.E.L.P.) requires a slightly higher premium than the Standard plan but it does come with an additional benefit. This is the Premium Pay Back Benefit in which Clientele Health promises to pay you back all your premiums plus the full cover in the unfortunate event of the death of the member. If the said member is 65 years of age or above, half of the premiums will be paid back if the member becomes deceased. Other than this, the rest of the benefits are similar to what you get with the Standard plan.

    Premium (H.E.L.P.) 

    Here is where you start to see a difference in the benefits, which is understandable as the premiums almost double. For one, beneficiaries enjoy an annual cover of up to R1 million and a daily benefit of R1,000 more than the above two plans. Accidental death and accidental disability payouts limits are up to R500,000.

    Accident Plus Health Event Life Plan (H.E.L.P.) 

    This plan is unique in that it only covers hospitalisation costs if the hospitalisation was as a result of an accident. It has an annual limit of R100,000 for this. There a number of benefits this cover shares with Standard, Ultimate and Premium plans including a daily cash benefit, R50 of airtime and cover for up to four children. You also get enhanced benefits like emergency ambulance and flight services, trauma counseling and HIV support. However, monthly contributions for this plan are lower than for the other three.

    You can get a free quote for either of the three by filling a form online.Note that claims for H.E.L.P plans can only be processed after you have been discharged from hospital. When submitting the claim, you need to have a medical report from your doctor, your final hospital account showing your admission and discharge dates along with the duly filled claims form.

    Note: Health insurance is not medical aid. For more information check here.

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