Bonitas Hospital Plans Answer the Affordable Medical Aid Conundrum

    July 27, 2020

    Bonitas has an array of well thought out affordable plans that match the needs and incomes of different households in South Africa. Bonitas has been on the scene for many years, providing people of all walks with access to affordable healthcare. They are a registered medical scheme.

    They have an assortment of well-structured plans for every kind of professional and they’re not just limited to medical cover. This award-winning insurance provider even has different kinds of life cover and products that enable members to affordably purchase various lifestyle products.

    Bonitas Hospital Plans up close

    Bonitas offers hospital plans in three flavours: Hospital Standard, BonEssential and BonEssential Select. Each has features that will suit different members and families according to their medical needs and budget.

    Affordable Plans from Bonitas Medical Aid

    Hospital Standard: This plan offers basic cover but still helps members and their dependents get many forms of critical treatment in the hospital. You will get unlimited cover for in-hospital treatment. You will be covered for up to 100% of the Bonitas rate for consultations with your GP or a specialist as long as they are in the Bonitas network.

    You will also be covered up to 100% of the Bonitas rate for blood tests and x-rays. However, MRI and CT scans will only be covered to a limit of R 26,620 per beneficiary. But this covers scans that are both in and out of hospital. You can get internal prostheses up to a limit of R45,090 per family but external prostheses will only be covered if they are for conditions in the PMB list.

    This plan provides unlimited cover for kidney dialysis and organ transplants and cancer treatment to a maximum of R344,500 per family. If you use a facility outside the Bonitas network, you will be required to make a 20% co-payment. There are chronic benefits for PMB conditions without limit as well.

    Maternal and post-natal care is covered to a good extent under this cover.

    More affordable plans from Bonitas

    BonEssential: This plan is a more stripped-down version of the Hospital Standard plan for those working with a tight budget. It is a good plan to get started with for the young just getting started with their careers as the premiums are lower than those required for the Hospital Standard plan. As a member of this plan you will still get a lot of the in-hospital benefits offered by the Hospital Standard plan along with a number of maternity and child care benefits.

    BonEssential Select: This plan is available to those who may feel even the premiums of the BonEssential plan are out of reach. It offers a number of great in-hospital benefits for a minimal monthly contribution. You also get additional benefits like cover for medical emergencies while traveling outside the country.BonEssential Select also covers a few ultrasound scans and post-natal consultations among other maternity benefits. There are also childcare benefits for those who have newly given birth.

    Pap smears, mammograms, flu vaccines and prostate screening are some of the preventive care benefits BonEssential Select subscribers are eligible for.


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