1Life Health Insurance is for All South Africans

    July 12, 2020

    Having insurance provides peace of mind. 1Life makes sure that this important insurance is available to all South Africans.

    They were launched in March 2006. The idea was to provide affordable, simple insurance products to South Africans.

    About 1Life Health Insurance

    At 1Life Insurance they want to make sure that you and your family have the financial protection needed against illness, disability, and death.

    They say that their range of products is just a phone call away. Or contact them via the form on this page.

    What is notable is that 1Life doesn’t just palm their products onto someone. They offer their clients a financial needs analysis first. This is to ensure that their clients are investing in the right cover based on their budget and their individual circumstances.

    1Life Insurance is for all South Africans

    Their product range includes –

    • funeral cover
    • life insurance
    • dread disease cover, female dread disease coverage.
    • disability insurance
    • investments
    • expense protector


    Features of 1Life Insurance

    • Premiums stay fixed for 24 months.
    • No complicated documents that you can’t bear to read. In fact, 1Life’s policy documents have been awarded the Readability Mark. That means they have been compiled to be simple, clear, and readable.
    • No medical examinations required.
    • No meetings to apply for insurance. Just send 1Life a ‘call me back’ and buy your cover online.
    • Cover is tailor-made to suit you and your family.



    Dread Disease Cover, Female Dread Disease Cover

    1Life pays an amount to you that is tax-free if you have been diagnosed with a dread disease. These diseases are detailed for you in 1Life’s Policy book.

    Not everyone is automatically eligible for this dread disease cover. Much will depend on your medical history, your job and your lifestyle. If you do qualify however, your monthly premium will be based on your age, gender, the job you do and your state of health.

    With Female Dread Disease, you get cover from 1Life All Woman. You can be sure that you and your children will have access to treatment and care if you or them get cancer. In fact, cover is for up to 4 children for certain cancers.

    If you’re diagnosed with a female-specific cancer, you’ll get a lump sum amount paid out. Included are emergency benefits, panic button as well as home invasion assistance. There’ll also be a law benefit, HIV Prevention Benefit and Home Safe Chauffeur.

    ◾Disability Cover

    • With permanent disability you get paid out a lump sum.
    • You’re covered immediately for accidental disablement.
    • HIV test required. No medical check-ups.


    ◾Expense Protector

    • Get income protection when you’re not able to earn because of illness or injury with a lLife Expense Protector policy.
    • Covers you immediately for accidental disablement. Choose to have 25-, 50-, 75-, or 100% of your total insured amount paid while you’re recovering.



    If you want to know how to make claims, 1Life has set aside a page that explains how the insurance claims submission process works.

    When the time comes to make a claim, you’ll be assigned a dedicated claims consultant. This particular consultant will help you with the process and also answer any queries you may have.

    1Life also encourages policyholders to download and print their Beneficiary Instruction Sheet. It explains- and answers everything you need to know about exclusions, waiting periods, the claim process and the benefits of taking out this cover.

    Complete and submit the form on this page to contact us. We will be right back.

    All info was correct at time of publishing