Get Your Hospital Plan via Hippo

    July 15, 2020

    In the event that you become desperately ill or you are involved in a traumatic accident of sorts you want to know that you have some kind of medical protection. A Hippo hospital may be the answer

    You don’t want to allow any health issues to deter you from getting quality care.

    Whether you’re a single person, a student, a young couple, a family or an older person, it can be difficult to find health care that fits your needs.

    Wondering how to choose health care? Hippo helps

    Certainly, in the wake of the coronavirus, people don’t quite know how to choose the right health care. Everything has changed and money is more scarce.

    It becomes necessary then to compare medical schemes, compare their plans and also look at the far more affordable hospital plans. Thank goodness for Hippo.They do a fantastic job of comparing a good number of South African providers. You’ll see their range of offerings and their prices.

    Hippo Hospital Plan

    Hippo compares all kinds of insurance, saving you hours of searching and hours of frustration.

    • Hippo finds suitable products for you.
    • As a comparison website, Hippo has a solid, reputable history and they’ve been around since 2007.
    • The website doesn’t only compare providers and their offerings, it actually provides you with useful information about the products. This helps you make an informed decision.
    • They search for products by making use of the latest technology to give customers the best deals.
    • If you’re interested they put the particular provider in touch with you.
    • You can compare quotes totally free of charge – there aren’t any kinds of commissions.
    • Comparing quotes on Hippo is easy. Visit the Product page.
    • Complete the quote form in just a minute. Compare benefits and prices from different brands.
    • Take Note: Hippo doesn’t prefer any particular brands over another. Results they send you are on price alone.
    • Once you’ve chosen a plan that appeals to you, you click on the button to show you’re interested. The provider you select will then call you back. The providers will give you a lot more information.


    It’s very important to compare quotes like this because after all, you want to save money. Your own requirements will determine which is the best medical care for you.

    Why pay for unnecessary products?

    Some medical schemes for instance, have a range of products plus additional rewards programmes. You might think this is just a whole lot of stuff you don’t wantor need, so why pay for it?

    It’s no good getting the same benefits from different providers but having to pay more with one of them.

    A super way to find cover suited to your pocket and needs is to compare quotes side by side. Hippo allows for this. This means you can see exactly where you can save.

    Get your health care on track with Hippo

    What will it be? A comprehensive medical plan or a hospital plan? At significantly cheaper rates than comprehensive medical aid, hospital plans have become a highly sought after product.

    For health cover during the chaotic times we’re living in, compare with Hippo and get answers.

    To get a hospital plan quote, please complete and
    submit the form on this page. Act now!


    All info was correct at time of publishing