Health Cover from Ingwe

    May 23, 2018

    Ingwe is Momentum Health’s medical aid specifically designed for students, especially international students studying in South Africa. Momentum is the 3rd largest open medical scheme in South Africa. Momentum provides cover for more than 150000 families and is highly ranked by financial advisors. So here we will have a look at health cover from Ingwe.

    Health cover from Ingwe starts from R370 per month per adult and R232 per child and is only open to those studying full-time in South Africa. Monthly contributions are calculated depending on earnings. The Ingwe Option offers the following benefits:

    Health Cover From Ingwe

    Day-to-day benefits:

    • Unlimited doctor visits within the Ingwe Active Primary Care network
    • Prescribed medication (from a list of approved medicines, including chronic medication)
    • Referral to a specialist – 2 specialist visits covered per family per year; Member pays first R100 of specialist visit (authorisation required)
    • Blood tests (from an approved list)
    • Basic x-rays (from an approved list)
    • An annual dental check-up with Ingwe Active Primary Care dentist (includes consultation, cleaning, fillings & extractions)
    • Also, visits to Ingwe Active Primary Care every 2 years (includes single and bifocal lenses and a range of frames)


    In Hospital benefits – Health Cover from Ingwe

    • Access to any private hospital and 100% cover (up to limit of R1260000 per family per year)
    • Also, emergency/casualty benefits – 1 visit per person or 2 visits per family per year (member pays first R100 of visit, authorisation required within 72 hours of visit)
    • Medical emergency transport from Netcare 911
    • Cover for prescribed minimum benefits


    Value-add benefits – Health Cover from Ingwe

    • Single view chest x-ray covered (for student visa requirements)
    • Free health assessment per year at Clicks or Dis-Chem pharmacies
    • You can choose to use your 2 specialist visits per year to visit a physiotherapist (member pays first R100 of visit, pre-authorisation required)
    • Also, you can visit an out-of-network doctor as your emergency/casualty benefit (1 visit per person or 2 visits per family per year; member pays first R100 of visit, authorisation required within 72 hours of visit)


    As with all momentum members, those on the Ingwe option also qualify for the following benefits:

    • Multiply Starter: Momentum’s wellness & rewards programme, with savings from more than 60 partners
    • Hello Doctor: access to medical doctors via a mobile app
    • Also, R5 million international travel benefit for medical emergencies (when leaving SA for the maximum period of 90 days)
    • Repatriation of mortal remains (up to a maximum of R50000)
    • Momentum’s Mobi App: healthcare and membership information at your fingertips
    • The option to
      • Use the HealthSaver account to save for medical emergencies
      • Pay an extra R77 per month for Gap cover to increase your cover

    All info was correct at time of publishing