Check Before Buying Health Cover in SA

    January 27, 2017

    Despite ever increasing costs, the demand for health cover continues unabated. The Health Ministry’s inability to raise sufficient funding for government health care services sparked this. While essential services provided by South Africa’s teaching hospitals continue to operate, most are heavily over-burdened. Thus the deterioration of quality health care at state-run hospitals and clinics has sparked the need for affordable hospital plans.

    These costs, however, are passed onto the end-user in the form of increased premiums for medical cover.

    Companies offering health plans have come up with solutions to provide quality health care at an affordable price.

    Health CoverThey have and are moving away from the traditional one-size-fits-all blanket cover.

    It has seen the evolution of a pick-and-pay choice of products tailored to suit individual needs.

    It gives members freedom of choice when selecting products most needed, thereby saving costs for less likely personal needs.

    Affordable hospital plans provided by medical schemes is proving a popular choice.

    Hospital plans cover costs when going to private clinics and medical institutions, but members must pay for day-to-day medical expenses.

    Hospital plans offer substantial savings, particularly for younger people, but cover the most expensive aspects of medical needs.

    What You Should Check – Health Cover

    • The medical scheme’s payment record – Check with your doctor and dentist
    • The scheme’s solvency ratio – the legally required ratio is at least 25%
    • Full cover vs. Hospital Plan – What is your budget?
    • Your health – if a sufferer of a chronic disease full cover might be the best option
    • Benefits – every product has its inclusions and exclusions. Check carefully


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