How to Change Hospital Plans

    May 14, 2018

    Even though changing between hospital plans is a task easily accomplished, some of us still want to know how to change hospital plans. The process is quite simple and can be accomplished in five easy steps.

    There could be many reasons why you might want to change hospital plans. You could be considering better cover, a more affordable medical aid or a change of occupation. In any event, the process could still be very easy and hassle-free.

    Should the change be between two plans at the same medical aid scheme the change is as simple as contacting your scheme and requesting the upgrade. Most of the schemes only allow these changes at the end of the year, but there are medical schemes that will allow you to change between plans should any conditions arise to justify the change.

    How To Change Hospital Plans

    Here are the five steps on how to change hospital plans:

    1. Notify your current scheme in writing that you are cancelling your hospital plan, within the time frame stated within the rules of the scheme. Make sure you clearly state the date on which you wish your membership to end. Failing to comply with the scheme rules may result in a fine or penalty.
    2. Acquire medical aid quotes from the other schemes that you are considering and choose a hospital or medical aid plan that is more suited to your budget or personal needs.
    3. Complete and submit the application forms to the scheme you have selected. Make sure you attach the proof of membership document that you have received from your previous scheme.
    4. The new scheme will confirm your application approval and the start-up date for your new cover.  They might require additional tests to confirm your health status.
    5. Your cover will go from one scheme to the next at midnight of the night the cover changes hands – meaning you will not lose a single minute of coverage.


    Things that might happen when you change hospital plans:

    • You may need to undergo additional medical tests before approval to confirm the existence of pre-existing conditions. The scheme has to pay for these tests.
    • You might be required to adhere to exclusions and waiting periods should you change hospital plans between 2 different schemes. This is cannot happen if you change a scheme, have changed jobs and are required to move from a company scheme to another. Children born since the commencement of the membership are not allowed to receive waiting periods or exclusions.
    • Prescribed minimum benefit conditions are exempt from exclusions and waiting periods.


    So how to change hospital plans? It is simple; if you follow these above-mentioned steps, you will receive continuous hospital cover without hassle or additional trouble.

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