Hospital Plans Compared

    May 14, 2018

    Making a choice when you consider medical aid plans is always difficult. So we are taking a look at the top 7 hospital plans compared. Then you can make a sensible choice.

    Therefore the comparisons are based on plans from medical aid schemes with roughly the same monthly premiums. Importantly it is clearly visible how the benefits differ from one medical aid option to another.

    And the medical aids at which we are looking are:

    1. Bonitas
    2. Discovery Health
    3. Fedhealth Medical
    4. Key Health
    5. Momentum Health
    6. Liberty Medical
    7. Resolution Health

    Here then how the hospital plans compared:

    Hospital Plans Compared

    Bonitas BonEssential Hospital plan

    • Unlimited overall annual limit.
    • Claims are paid at 100% of the Bonitas rates.
    • Additional benefits: maternity benefit, HIV/AIDS benefit, and mental health benefits.
    • Not network related, can be used at any private hospital.
    • No day-to-day cover.
    • 26 chronic diseases covered.


    Discovery Health, Core Series

    • Unlimited overall annual limit. Paid at 100% of Discovery rates.
    • You can use it at any private hospital, non-network plan.
    • Also, additional benefits: Vitality membership, international travel benefit and HIV/AIDS benefit.
    • Day-to-day cover from the preventative and screening benefits as well as scopes performed in doctors’ rooms.
    • 26 chronic diseases covered.


    Fedhealth Maxima Core plan – Hospital Plans Compared

    • Unlimited hospital cover. Paid at 100% of scheme rates.
    • 30 days post-hospital treatment.
    • 7 days take-home medication post hospital.
    • Casualty treatment whether you are admitted or not.
    • Also, additional benefits: the screening programme including a GP visit, full medical examination and flu shots for the whole family.
    • 25 chronic conditions covered.


    Key Health Equilibrium option

    • Unlimited hospital cover paid at 100% of scheme rates.
    • A medical savings account and limited day-to-day benefits are included.
    • Also, additional day-to-day basic dentistry, optometry and psychology benefits.
    • Chronic conditions have cover as per prescribed minimum benefits.


    Momentum Health Access option – Hospital Plans Compared

    • Unlimited hospital cover paid at 100% of scheme rates.
    • Network-based cover.
    • Also, day-to-day and 25 chronic conditions covered by Access Primary Care Network.
    • Health Platform preventative screening benefits.


    Liberty Health Gold Focus plan

    • Unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital paid at 100% of scheme rates.
    • 27 chronic conditions covered.
    • Also, additional benefits: crime trauma benefit, MRI/CT scan out-of-hospital benefit, preventative care and casualty benefits.
    • No day-to-day benefits.

    Resolution Health Hospital option – Hospital Plans Compared

    • Unlimited cover at any private hospital, claims are paid at 100% of Resolution rates.
    • 25 chronic conditions have cover.
    • Also, additional benefits: maternity benefit, home nursing benefit and psychological benefits.
    • No day-to-day cover.


    So even though hospital plans are an affordable medical aid, it is also wise to have all the hospital plans compared before you make a choice.  And that way you will be sure of the cover and additional benefits that you will receive, therefore giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision when you choose to join a medical scheme and purchase a hospital plan.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing