What is Affinity? Is It Medical Aid?

    January 30, 2018

    What is Affinity Health Cover?

    • It’s medical insurance.
    • A choice between a Day-to-Day Plan and Hospital Plan or combination.
    • Booster plans that further enhance your benefits.
    • Affordable options to make medical care more accessible.
    • Better access to a range of healthcare options.


    For a lot of South Africans, access to private, primary healthcare providers is just not affordable. Affinity Health aims to change this around by offering products that make healthcare more affordable for everyone.

    They have taken the knowledge of the medical insurance market and coupled it with an understanding of what healthcare South Africans would like more access to. The goal is to provide medical insurance that is affordable, but that also offers a range of useful benefits.

    What is Affinity Health Cover? – What Do They Offer?

    What is Affinity Health CoverThere are two basic options – the Day-to-Day Plan or the Hospital Plan. You can choose one or the other or choose to combine them. There are also booster plans that you can add on if you need extra cover.

    What is Affinity Health Cover? – The Day-To-Day Plan

    The plan starts at R468 per month.

    This includes:

    • Unlimited visits to your GP within the network.
    • Acute medication as required and prescribed by network GP.
    • Pathology and radiology as required by a GP within the network.
    • Basic optometry and dentistry.
    • Funeral cover for you and your family.
    • Access to over 5 000 doctors and 2 000 dentists.
    • Nursing care after hospitalisation in a private facility to a maximum of R10 000.


    What is Affinity Health Cover? – The Hospital Plan

    This plan starts at R615 per month and covers you for medical emergency treatment as well as for illness and dread disease treatment in hospital.

    This includes:

    • Hospitalisation costs if you are admitted for an illness, for a dread disease or after being involved in an accident.
    • Cost of procedures of prescribed conditions.
    • The cost of emergency room treatments is covered.
    • Maternity benefits.
    • Access to hospitals within the network – both state and private hospitals are included.
    • Costs for medical expenses while in hospital, such as medication.
    • Payment of doctor’s bills for procedures conducted in the hospital.


    What is Affinity Health Cover? – What Plan Should I Get?

    That will depend on how healthy you are. If you rarely need to see the doctor and very seldom get ill, it may not be worth your while to pay for both day-to-day cover and hospital cover.

    If you have a specific medical condition or are at risk of developing one, it might be more prudent to choose the day-to-day cover as well.

    What is Affinity Health Cover? –  What Booster Plans Are There?

    The booster plans are in addition to your standard premiums and are used to enhance your benefits.

    You can boost the Day-to-Day Plan as follows:

    The chronic booster plan allows you additional cover for diabetes, depression, menopause and bipolar disorder.

    You can boost the Hospital Plan as follows:

    • The Accident Booster: This plan starts at R76 per month. You can choose to boost coverage for hospitalisation expenses as a result of an accident by between R250 000 and R1 050 000.
    • Intensive Care Unit Booster: This plan starts at R76 per month and pays out R12 500 per day when you are admitted to the ICU. The plan pays this for up to five days.


    In summary: Affinity is health insurance, NOT medical aid. But it’s affordable and reliable.


    All info was correct at time of publishing