Discovery Hospital Plan Quotes for Any Budget

    December 10, 2014

    Discovery gives you many different cover choices, and caters for people with many different needs and situations. Their plans cater for people from low incomes to high-end executive plans. It is designed for people of all incomes, professionals, families and retired persons. If you have an ongoing condition and need to take medication for it, Discovery will also work well for you. If you need specialist care, then you should also choose Discovery.

    Will Discovery suit me?

    Choose this scheme or check out other registered medical aid schemes to compare the value they provide. Medical aid schemes are always preferable to an insurance company with regard to comparative benefits. In South Africa, the Medical Schemes Act makes sure that Discovery offers medical aid including hospital care, and a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits for over 300 conditions, including 27 ongoing illnesses.

    How can I get a quote?

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    Will Discovery suit my budget?

    Discovery works hard to make sure that health care is within everyone’s means. Their packages keep you healthy. These are just some of the benefits of joining us:

    • Annual increases to member contributions are lower than the other providers of health care plans.
    • You have full benefits for medical specialists, so there are no added fees for you to make.
    • Several health plans cover medical emergency evacuations in sub-Saharan Africa and for medical emergencies internationally.
    • Medicopters give emergency and evacuation help when needed locally.
    • All medical plans offer full cover for medicines for chronic conditions.
    • All members have access to unrestricted oncology, renal and HIV programmes.
    • Any unused Aids in the Medical Savings Account are carried over to the next year.
    • The Vitality programme provides free health checks and assessments and other benefits as shown below.
    • Executive & Comprehensive plan members can access innovative technologies and medicines.

    How can I save money through Discovery Vitality?

    You can improve your health with Discovery Vitality, which may prevent hospital stays for you and your family. Vitality is Discovery’s wellness programme. It rewards you and your family for actively improving your good health and wellbeing. If you are a  Vitality member you can:

    Earn cash back every time you use your Visa Discovery Card at select shopping partners

    • Get savings of up to 75% on domestic and international air tickets, car hire, hotel accommodation, movie tickets and Vitality broadband ADSL packages.
    • Undertake to do certain healthy activities that get rewards, such as swimming, playing golf, or getting a heart monitor.

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